Stiffed in first game

In game #88757101 it came down to 3 players. The winner won with a Ace high flush, i had a straight (9-K), and the 3rd player had a straight(8-Q) and the 3rd player got the consolation chips. Why?

Easy peasy. You got 1250 ribar072 got 1250

The third player, Ryy got 2170.

So, ribar072 won all chips,3 time 1250.

Ryy overbet, means he got more then all of you, he lost to ribar072 1250, but the rest, he did not win, he just got back hes own chips. AKA, WAS NO side-pot.

IF you got in the pot more then 1250, you would win from Ryy hes chips. But, you bring to the game only 1250.