Stepladder MTT

Now I know I read somewhere, someone around here has exp. with Tilt… I normally don’t play the 4 ppl table MTTs, but was in one a few min ago… Without going into all the kewl things I miss from tilt, this MTT would be perfect for a Stepladder MTT.

4 person tables, with slightly faster blinds ( slightly )… is perfect for for this… where the winner of the table moves on. You keep winning “your” table, and you move on… Final table of 4. ( yes I realize there will be the “devil in the details” in getting quickly to a “power of 4” including light tables when necessary… reverse progression is 4…16…64… any late registration would be full tables of 4, even if to make the math work you started with 3ppl per table. No matter what …once ya hit 16, the math works perfectly.

I know its easier to do this as a promotion, but sometimes ya just wanna play a MTT in this format.


I’ve never played a knockout tournament before really, but I have seen a few of the national heads-up championship and would love to play in a tourney with that format.

I would also like to add a suggestion that the drawing of tables should be done not randomly but somewhat like European soccer tournaments, so that the 2 best players don’t run into each other in the first round. The sorting is done somewhat like this:
The set of people are divided into 4 pots, based on their rankings (top 1/4 in pot 1, next in pot 2 and so on). Then the one person from each of the 4 pots is selected at random and you have a table of 4. This makes sure that all tables are (somewhat) similar and that one table isn’t completely lop sided.

The idea seems really awesome and I’d love to see it become a reality :slight_smile:

Fun & Fast - I like it!!!

I completely believe in drawing spots (random), no seeds or sitting where ya want… where you sit is all up to the luck of the draw.

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Sarah -

I agree totally on the concept and the execution. Would be a lot of fun. The only time I would use a non-random seating chart is if I was running a heads-up knockout tournament. In that case, it makes sense not to pair top ranked payers against each other early on but run the tournament as they do a tennis tournament, with seeds and brackets.

Really fun idea. Hope we get something like this in the future.

These are ‘Shootout’ tournaments. Heads-up tournaments are using the same type of logic. Each table winner go through and would play against other table winners…until there is only one player and winner left.

This is a format that we look forward offering in the future although this won’t be a top priority. The main reason being that these tournaments can also be frustrating as players always have to wait for other tables (or heads-up) to finish before the next round can start. Truthfully, if Full TIlt was offering them, these were not so popular because of the wait players had deal with in between rounds. This is also why heads-up tournaments are not very popular online in general.

I note several interests in that thread though and this is a very good feedback to hear! We might consider moving this format up in our poker room development priority list! :blush: Thanks a lot for sharing @Sassy_Sarah!