Step tickets for the holiday

where do the step tickets show up in ur bank as i just won a step 3 and it said i get another step 2 as well and i dont want to use a ticket from my reg tickets by mistake thanks retiredgimp

Hi retiredgimp

All tickets you have shows on your bank page on the left side.

If you played Step 2, the top 1-10 wins a ticket for Step 3 and top 11-15 wins a ticket for Step 2, so they can try Step 2 again.

It is not possible to use the wrong ticket, a Step 3 ticket you can only use for a Step 3 tournament. All tickets have a different value, when you register it ask if you want to use a ticket or if you want to register with play chips, when you have a ticket, you click on register with ticket and the right ticket will be used for registration.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.