I want to talk about replay statics… how many hand’s have you played VS won ect… when I first started playing replay … I wanted good stat’s… just wondering how I stack up after 3 years here

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7 1/2 years. Over 250k hands played. Fold % 80 %. 12% winning hand %. Play almost exclusively tourney’s. Have around 23+% ITM for tourney’s this year, with 11 wins. How about you?

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ill check my current stats and get back to you the nutts

have played 193,775 hands won 12% fold 83%

my self… and i contester myself a tight aggressive player

I play inn 5 leagues on replay

You can’t be a tight aggressive player that is an oxymoron

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I think you will find tight aggressive play is a well documented style of playing, someone who only plays premium hands from the correct position.
Unlike me who plays any old crap in any position :grinning:

135800 hands played
72% folded
19% won

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Played 391000 hands,folded 68% 21% win

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~72000 hands, folded 68%, won 21%.

And I agree with swampy above.

I would really like to see a screen shot of stats, lowers the level of BS.
here is mine

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No ■■■■■■■■ from me ma pal, that’s the stats as they were displayed, but much the same as yours lol, we are like brother, twins even

That must be why I like playing with you at the tables, I like your style!

At this time in the human cycle, make love not war is appropriate, gl my friend, ty
I like playing you also :slight_smile:
And you are obviously stylish no brother of mine would be anything less )

Here’s mine.

Also, let’s give people the benefit of the doubt before we label them BS’ers. I don’t mean me, I am full of it.

But. Generally good form, methinks.

Edit: improved sentencing/typos

some one will havee to tell me how to pot a screen shot … but willing


Do you have Windows 10?

Search “How to use the Snippet Tool”

Once you’ve captured the screen, use the Cntl “V” keys to paste it in a Reply.

very nice stats @FinnyII, I really said that BS stuff because I wanted to see the win % at showdown and if they called you, you could fold a million hands but if you don’t win, it means nothing. your stats are very impressive, thanks for sharing. A lot can be learned from these numbers about a player, like why do more people fold to me before showdown, is it fear or the amount I bet?

Only ten thousand hands but this is what I got.
74% folded 18% won

Dude why did you erase your stats, those were really good