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I feel like the stats page could be so much more than it is. I really wish RPP would just publish an API that would allow us to run queries and compile our own stats and reports of all kinds of stuff. #suggestions-feedback

Be that as it may… One thing I’ve noticed over time is that my Pots Won At Showdown:WIthout Showdown has changed. Early on in my poker playing,

I would tend to bet too much when I was ahead in a hand, and make everyone fold, and not get as much value out of the hand, leading to a high percentage of hands won without showdown. I forget where it was about a month or two ago, but 75% without showdown might have been about right. Today, I’ve won 55% without showdown, which is a significant swing, especially considering how many hands I’d already played to get to the ratio I was at back then.

More interesting is that my pots won % has remained constant. So, I’m not winning any more or less than I always have been, but I’m winning significantly more pots at the showdown now than I was a few months ago. Presumably this should also mean more chips won, because more streets means more bets means more value extracted from those winning hands.

It’s tough to say though, without being able to have access to the raw data so I can run calculations against it. That sure would be cool.

To make this thread more of a conversation:

  1. What’s your pots won %? Mine is 22%.
  2. What’s your % won at showdown? Mine is 45% at showdown, 55% without.

Are you happy with those numbers? Or do you not worry about them and just play your strategy?

Looks like I may be a tad too tight


What’s really interesting about this is that we both have a 22% win rate! How interesting! I wonder if that’s typical?

Equally interesting is the fact that we just started a new year and within hours of that the monthly numbers and the yearly numbers for points are once again not matching. Didn’t this happen last year or the year before too? Has it been noticed yet? Is anything being done to maybe put this site on a universal clock? (When I clicked on this post I thought it was about those stats…)

Regarding the actual topic. It is VERY interesting to see this.
I consider myself very tight for this sight as I try and play like it is a cash table. Given all the river wins that happen against me and everyone else here; that to get to a 22% win you have to either be very very good (which is almost impossible here the way the rivers lay) or you have to be staying in hands to win with those wild rivers here. (Specially with a showdown number of 91%)

You’re winning MORE than 1 out of every 5 hands DEALT to you, so you must be playing more hands than that to get those results as I’m sure you don’t win 100% of the hands you play. Very, very odd.

My numbers are 16% pots won and 64% at showdown and 36% without showdown. Roughly 93k hands.

I don’t think 22% is a typical win rate for even the BEST live holdem players. MORE than 1 out of every 5 hands DEALT you win! Unheard of I would say. But if it’s working I wouldn’t change it either lol.

Typical free poker play to get those stats:
Cash game; 9seated; you hold Qd10h on button, it’s raised twice with a caller right before you. You would fold this hand as your probably dominated by one of those 3 before you on each of your cards.
Free Poker: Yeah but I got a good looking hand with more outs than a lot of other hands I get so and I’m in position so I’m gonna roll with this hand.

Flop is all small hearts; others in hand hold As/Ks, 10s,10c, Ad,4d… one flopping trip 10s

The trips shoves all in and you call on the draw to win on the river.

I (We all) see this type of thing play out multiple times a game here for the amazing win. Logic to get this point is many and random; from the other players i just don’t believe them, or think they can’t have a hand that good because of the rank or that they’re bullying with junk. Either way it’s all play that wouldn’t happen in a cash game or a game where chips equal something of value to the actual player vs the odds and or values.


I’m inclined to suspect that there may be a math bug in the statistics.

According to the stats I fold 62% of my hands, which means that of the hands I play, I must be winning close to half of them.

I don’t know if the folded Stat refers to any fold, or just folds made prior to betting, or what. Some clearer definitions would be helpful.

I hope someone who knows authoritatively can answer.

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Folded is folded at any time. Average number of hands played against and folded at what stage are the two stats will be very useful.

Hands played to won around 50% is normal I think. Mine is just around that 52%, 12,543/(80,973-57,097) (pots won/(hands played - hand folded)). If it falls below 30% (a guess) one should be worried.

Mine won at show down 79% and without 21%. I thought I am a very conservative better and my stat should be one of the lowest, but GrandyB’s 91/9 completely beats me, even my thinking.

My pots won is 15%. You can’t make much out of it without knowing average number of hands played against.

There was a discussion sometime back here and few messages down.

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That pots won number is from total hands played, not flops seen.

So the 22% (above) is of hands played so we can extrapolate the hands played to a bit over 100k I think without actually doing the math. too lazy :slight_smile:

Top lists stat may include statistics in relation to BB also, like Best Players this Week/Month and Biggest Pots. This will include players across the ranks. Now we are seeing only high stake players.

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Maybe this will explain my unordinary stats (or maybe not).
In the last few months I’ve made a lot of friends with big bankrolls and we all have a lot of respect for each other at the tables.
We all play hi stakes at times but almost every night we chill out and play 5/10 rings.
If one of us bet big the rest are usually going to fold unless they feel they can win the hand.
If a bingo player shows up they’re usually gone within minutes because we all either fold to the ridiculous bet or we call (or raise) and send them home or off to another table.
Maybe you should find us some night and see how different the play is (compared to say a freeroll).
Also my stats may be weird because at the 5/10 games I mentioned, if everyone just bets minimum we have more ppl seeing the flop.
Here’s some more stats if it tells you anything:



That explains. Friendly games do that. Showdowns are more frequent.

( One perspective is)
All the hands you played = 85380 minus your hands folded = 37969 not folded (or played till won or lost)
All the pots you won 18394 divided by the hands you didn’t fold 37969 gives you a 48.4% winning percent
Almost 50% of the time you stay in a hand you won it.
A little over 50% of the time you stay in a hand you lose it.

(Another perspective is)
All the hands you entered is 85380 divided by the hands you won 18394 = 4.6%
So you win approx. 2 hands of every 9 hands you enter into.
One in every 4.6 hands you enter you will win

Which ever way of saying it will make you feel the best :slight_smile::heart:

2018 was 1st year for yearly, but I do remember something last year like this, also it didn’t jive ( or might not have ) with “toplists” current lists… Since its still January, whichever LB is correct, can Staff just adjust the other one ??? I’ll guess since Yearly was new, then if Monthly is prolly correct… just adjust Yearly back to what Monthly says, easy peasy…

@puggywug, you might want to check this thread also …

@ChipsAhoy , hopefully all gets fix’d asap …

I’m not sure about the guru math you guys are able to come up with but I made some notes on what is different about this play and my normal play.
The buy-in at these 5/10s is 1250-2000 and I usually buy in with 2000 and check auto top (after a few orbits I ordinarily don’t need auto top any more).
If someone bets minimum (10 chips) we usually all call and continue to do so until someone bets “big” (1/2 pot to a pot) and then it’s either fold,call or raise…no one hardly ever goes all-in.
I realize that’s a bit like bingo but it’s at a price we can all afford and it’s care free fun!

I feel like this (yearly stats vs monthly stats) is probably gonna land on the same desk that the awesome suggestion of tournament bracelets for prizes landed on. (which was a suggestion from Jun of 2018, link provided below)

Almost like we’re just not going to talk about this, or respond to this, or even acknowledge that we hear it this. Unless of course a few curse words were in the post then we’ll be all over it (well all over the person who posted it anyway lol). It’d be very cool to at least feel like some of the better ideas and some of the issue ideas brought up by us are not worth the time to even acknowledge.

Sorta like when badges were introduced and a LOT of folks could foresee the issues with the bank badge… Rather than listen to us or foresee it, we had to actually experience it for the light to shine. We are (or at a minimum should be looked at as) a good source of trying to help build a better community here for us all. PLEASE help us help you to be more successful. Or at least act like you hear us lol.

I’ll take 2 less promo events planned in exchange for the developer time to be spent on implementing bracelets!

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I hope you know that anything around 50% win ratio is very good.
Your total hands entered vs. your win percent, Are much better than mine
And your stayed in vs. your win percent, Is just a little worse than mine.
Be proud of those stats on a non money site!!

Cool, I really have no clue as to what stats are good or not, I just love to play as much as I can… thanks Juice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My win rate is 24 per cent

at showdown 59 per cent
before 41 per cent

Just wanted to jump in to say that we absolutely do read the suggestions on the forum (each and every one!), but don’t reply to all of them as many of them take development time, and we’re wholly focused on completing a couple of major projects right now. To avoid being redundant, especially some some suggestions and feedback have been offered in the past, we likely won’t chime in until we’re closer to having bandwidth for adding things.

We offer up a lot of promotions because we can use the tools we currently have available to us – so dropping some promotions wouldn’t mean that we’d be able to add a new bracelet feature, for instance, as it’s the marketing and player ops teams who can work on the promos independently while our devs continue their project work. But bracelets (or other types of profile collectibles, accolades, etc.) are something that many have been clamoring for and we absolutely have plans to implement some form of in the future. Along with improved statistics!

Thanks for bearing with us. Don’t hesitate to keep hashing out your thoughts here, because it’s helpful to us to see the kind of feedback players get from other players about their ideas as well. Now, back to your stats discussion! :slight_smile:


Here are mine.

Total hands played: 127,251
Hands folded: 83% (105,661)
Rank: 61
Pots Won: 10% (12,287)
At showdown: 42% (5,191)
Without showdown: 58% (7,096)

Some stats that I really wish were included on that stats page:

  • BB/100 won (for ring games)
  • Win% (for tournaments)
  • Cash% (for tournaments)
  • Total amounts won separated by ring and tournament
  • For all these stats it’d be nice to be able to see them split by lifetime / year / month / week / day
  • It’d also be nice to see splits by limit (low/medium/high/elite) and game type played (e.g. 3max SNG vs 9max SNG vs MTT)


Total hands played: 230,319
Hands folded: 74% (169,565)
Rank: 57
Pots Won: 14% (32,222)
At showdown: 43% (13,795)
Without showdown: 57% (18,427)

Our stats are pretty similar in terms of % won at showdown, but it looks like I am playing looser, based on % of hands played and won. Maybe it is just that you play more full ring cash and I played a majority of hands in SnGs that are often short-handed.

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