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I’m curious, is there a benchmark stat on pots won that correlates to your poker skill level. Just for instance, my stat page has for years remain at 20%, even as I’ve gone from Duck Pond >2/4>5/10 (obviously I’m not a high roller) yet I’ve managed to keep “pots won” at a steady 20%. I’d like to know what, if anything, does that mean ? Also, I’d love to know what % of “pots won” the poker elite are at and how it changes depending on skill level. I would imagine the higher levels you go the percent’s would change and I’d love to hear from the high skill players here on what it all means. Thanks in advance, Finn007.


I’m not sure there’s any real relationship between those figures. I’ve been steady at 14% for nearly 5 years. But, poker isn’t a game of “pots won,” it’s a game of “chips accumulated” by winning more chips than we lose in our losing hands. If you win one pot of 2000 chips, you can lose a whole lot of 5 or 10 chip pots and still be way ahead.

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Thanks for your thoughts on PERCENTAGES of Pots Won… I, too, have an interest in seeing percentages noted by this site…However, my interest centers on Tournament Statistics. I recently recorded “Tournament Statistics” as a titled post on this Forum…I wish Replay Poker would incorporate an expanded view of a player’s statistics involving Percentages…This would be similar, in a sense, to a baseball player’s batting average indicating his or her skill at hitting the Pot, or winning the Tournament…thus ‘skill level’ is revealed in the percentage…and the comparison of a player’s Pot Wins and/or Tournament Finishes can be seen from this angle, {in addition to overall Chip Counts}…Also* i hope You, personally, venture into Tournament Play. You;ve a highly respectable Win Percentage

FWIW I have also been at a steady 14%, and I play elite stakes and have ~600 million. I think the percent of pots won with (42%) and without (58%) showdown is more telling. If you only play aces and bet nothing, you could win 40% of pots (almost all at showdown) and be a losing player.


Wow, mine’s 14% as well!

But pots won divided by (total hands played minus hands folded) is a more flattering 58.5%. I fold very often (76%).

I think it’s reasonable to say that the only statistic that matters is chips won minus (or as a multiple of) chips expended. The worst poker player imaginable wins few chips in comparison to chips expended. Chips won is meaningless in itself without knowing chips expended, similar to how turnover/revenue/total sales is meaningless without knowing cost of goods sold/cost of sales.

My chips won/chips expended balance is about -$13,000 (or -.4.8%). So I win about 95 chips for every 100 expended. Thankfully that gap is narrowing gradually and, with a bit of luck, I’ll make it to zero soon and eventually achieve and maintain and positive number.

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How are you calculating chips expended? Like chips put into eventual winning pots versus into eventual losing pots? That would be really interesting to know but maybe trackers on cash sites can calculate that?

Some winning players here “expend” a few chips to see every flop and only bet when they have a monster and others hardly play any pots and only bet huge when they have a monster. Because in poker you only put money into the pot when you believe you can win it (except for blinds/antes), it’s not like a regular business expense. It’s all money that you plan to get back at the end of each hand, even though you obviously don’t get it all back…

Also, the probability of winning a hand in full ring by chance is 11% and in 6- max it’s 17% so 14% overall makes a lot of sense.


I play mostly 6-seat rings or 9-seat MTTs. I’ve never tried to consider how many chips I expend on a single hand, only the net result at the game’s end (I think it would be daunting to try to account for every bet on every hand, not to mention it would slow down the games, which would not win me any friends, though it might influence people–to hate me, LOL.)

In real cash games, a conventional metric of success is bb/100 or big blinds (bb) won per 100 hands played. The is calculated as: (winnings/bb level)/(hands played/100). Keep in mind that bb/100 should be calculated across many 1000s of hands to provide an accurate figure. I think that this is a better metric of success that the percentage of pots won. I win a very low percentage of pots, but this because I am a folding station.

Another figure I like to calculate is my VPIP win rate (in terms of pots won). VPIP = voluntarily put money in pot before the flop, such as limping, calling, or raising. Normally, the VPIP is statistic that players use to assess other players (in combination with other data), but I have been using it as a diagnostic tool to understand what works for me and what does not work.

Whatever metric used based on Replay stats, it’s important to recognize that it is skewed measure of poker skill, given the type of play that prevails on this site. Most players on this site tend to play too many hands (mostly limping in hand after hand) and don’t engage much in second-level play. I understand that, since this is a free poker site (a zero-risk environment) and most people come here to have fun and don’t take their poker game too seriously. This is actually one of the reasons I like this site – such loose play introduces a lot of variance. Often, I will get multiple callers with 5x open raises, which makes post-flop play quite challenging for me. Trying to put one person on a range is difficult, and doing so for 2-3 players even more so, especially with the action clock.

Replay has been a good training site for a recreational player like me, and I use the aforementioned stats simply to gauge my improvement over time.


How are you calculating chips expended?

Sum of all daily bonuses (the ones you get just for showing up) + chips purchased.

Pots won percentage is not very indicative without knowing the number of hands played against. For example in a six players table 16.67+ % is good. In a heads up it should be 50+ %.

But, if someone started with the regular amount (5000 or 1000) and got 500,000 in bonuses, and they now have 100,000,000? How many did they expend? Are you counting the original 510,000 as expenses because they probably got those back…

I have lost more in one pot than I ever got as bonuses or bought (0), so that is a lot of expenditures, even though I’m ahead overall.

Pots Won: 17% (10,303)
At showdown: 50% (5,159)
Without showdown: 50% (5,144)

I only play low stakes or freeroll.
Only 15 wins difference between at showdown or without showdown.

But, if someone started with the regular amount (5000 or 1000) and got 500,000 in bonuses, and they now have 100,000,000? How many did they expend? Are you counting the original 510,000 as expenses because they probably got those back…

Expenditure is simply what you get from Replay Poker.

I’ll give you my own data and see if it clarifies.

Sum of daily bonuses (just for showing up) = 295,000.
Chips purchased = 65,000.
Therefore I’ve acquired 360,000 from Replay Poker.

Ideally, my balance would be above 360,000, because that would mean I’d made a profit. But my balance is 349,553. So my chips won to chips expended margin is (349,553 - 360,000) = -10,447 or (349,553 - 360,000)/360,000 = -2.9%.

I’ve spent 100 chips and won 97.1 chips on average.

Interesting way to think about it. Definitely a good metric to see if you are a winning or losing player overall.

I’ve been on the site for 6 years (wow!), and while I have not been playing all of that time, let’s say I have logged on for 1000 days over that span. If the daily bonus for each of those days was 2,500, my total expenditure would be about 2,500,000, although I’d like to think some of those chips are still rattling around in my bankroll lol.

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