Statistic required

Does anyone know if there are statistics for this site, what card shows most on the River to the least card that Rivers ?


All cards show up on the river the same amount of time… within the standard deviations I mean. I just don’t believe Replay has a bunk RNG. I think that the easiest path for players who don’t win is to blame the RNG, it’s certainly easier than studying the game and learning to win. This is one the easiest places to do just that if they would only give it a try.

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Searching and sorting by rank and suit just the river card in over 500,000,000 hands? Surely the tech guys have better things to waste human and computer time on. And, if you saw that there was a difference of 1,000,000 or so what would it mean? Nothing. We aren’t playing against a cardboard character animated by a program, but another live, grumpy, smelly, human who does what HER/HIS demons tell him to do, not what MY demons tell him to do.
Seriously, I doubt any site could or would waste the time and expense to compile that much useless data.and then store it forever, updating it EVERY HAND until the end of time or bankruptcy, whichever came first.


I don’t have 500m hands but here are the stats that I do have from about 36k hands where a river card was seen.

River Card Value Count
2 2763
3 2808
4 2736
5 2841
6 2818
7 2815
8 2859
9 2665
A 2823
J 2846
K 2720
Q 2698
T 2803
River Suit Count
club 9075
diamond 9008
heart 9148
spade 8964

Well, 1 million out of what sample…that could be a significant deviation…and that has nothing to do with how u smell…

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Thanks ttacos,

it does not require a search and sort.
A simple counter “mechanism”, ( I have done it using Excel VBA macro on a horse racing system for certain statistics ) that counts by adding 1 to the score, is all it takes, provided it’s fed the info after each play.
In this case it seems 5 has the most count,

From what point, does not really matter, taco has used 36,000 hands, is a fair indication.
200,000 hands counted let’s say hypothetically from Midnight August 1 2019 would be sufficient.
It only implies on computer generated hands, not natural real poker hands.

8, not 5

this one’s easy
who to blame

  1. myself (missed something)
  2. my rotten luck (whatchagonnado)
  3. the cat (he always putting some kind of hex on me)
  4. replay (wants me to buy more chips)

not a blame who question, it’s fact finding question, based on the nature of random selection mechanisms.
crikey, why all the negativity !!