Starting cards or what are these people talking about

8-3 Octo-crab (courtesy Ben Deach)

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I live in Brazil and here we have some interesting names for hands as well

-Pocket 99 is called “Ronaldo”, named after Ronaldo Nazário 1994 and 2002 FIFA World Champion.

-Pocket JJ are called “Vala-Vala” because we call the J “Valete”, and its nickname is “Vala”.

Me old, playing whole life, do not know 90% of the names lol, but i know poker:)

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Thanks for the nice post!
I`m not used to this names.
Iknew about cowboys and some names from my region

Personally I am bad at this kind of thing and I don’t care much about it, I prefer to focus on what I should do at the table and on my cards, although I understand that it is fun and interesting for many people but not for me

most deserved
T2 Doyle Brunson