Stan - Whats Your 10 Favourite shows on Stan.

Stan. is an Australian streaming company (like NetFlix) that offers video on demand content by subscription. Not all shows are Stan are exclusive & possibly available elsewhere.

Here is my top 10 in no particular order with bold as recommendations for COVID-19 lockdown isolation survival end of the word binging. To make the list the shows must be either brilliant, bingeworthy, addictive/captivating:

Seinfeld: nothing to say & all about nothing (never grows old)
Will & grace: Currently binging & current pick, previously never appreciated
Scrubs: honestly an all time fav, but havent really watched much on Stan.
YELLOWSTONE: recent, surprisingly brilliant, Kevin Costner. (Drama, Crime, Western)
Community: underrated is so overused but seriously underrated & Chevy Chase who was hilariously problematic to work with on set.
IT Crowd: Have you tried turning it off & on again? Disabled…
RED DWARF Classic British comedy sci-fi.
Party Down: not sure its worthy of the 10 but until i find replacement it stays.
Buffy: Sadly missed as a teenager. Surprisingly brilliant.
Friends: So iconic. Worth a watch not quite as great as the hype IMO.
Agree/Disagree Thoughts?

This is my personal list. I could possibly replace 2 from this list with some better suggestions.
I’ll make an honourable mentions later.