Splitting pot

Why is it that some times , when two player have the same hand that the pot will split and other times it won’t, i have had this happen a lot this past week ,and i know that if the other played has a higher kicker then they get the pot, it the kicker is a face card but if the high kicker is on the board shouldn’t it split,I and the other player, both had kings with ace on the board he had a nine i had a five in our hands, but he got all the pot, could some one explain why

geegee2, do you have the replays so we can take a look?

Yes i saved the last hand, LOL now how do i let you see it

Hi geegee, you can replay the saved hand and copy the link here or just type the number or that hand here:)

Geegee2, is this the one you mean: http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/57039956

Yes Paul this ,what my question is about thank you for taking time to answer it

That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

So if in doubt you can always use this tool to check a hand: http://www.pokerlistings.com/which-hand-wins-calculator

I’ve done it for you though (see attached screenshot) and it confirmed that bouwslet_1 correctly won the hand. When you both have a high card, it’s your second card that acts as the kicker and not a card on the board, even if there is one higher.

Thank you so much for the answer, i am learning a lot from you and Happiness she has help me so much,

I learned more now.

Thank you

just eithewr make all hands split or dont use a kicker below a face card… just my suggestion…

it would be more simple to split when a face card is the kicker …poker is a winning hand upen 5 cards not determined by the 7th card in holdem…or just do away with the kicker and split the hands …

As motormen says, poker is a 5 card game and part of the skill is working out if your hand is better than your opponents, even when you both have weak holdings. Another example of when you don’t have any pairs would be when you have a flush at holde’m and you have just one of the suit in your hand, Is it big enough to beat your opponents flush? (if they have one at all.), so its necessary to count down all 5 cards.