Split pots

hand # 179273689 on Sat the 19th The board gives 3 players a A flush, My kicker is an A theirs a K and Q. the K wins the whole pot! I have the best kicker, Why didn’t I win? or at least a split pot.

With an A flush on the board, 3 players, does replay go to the next highest card? I have AA, other guy K/2 other Q/10.

Why did the k/2 guy win the whole pot?

Thanks, Dave

milo666 won because he had the actual flush of hearts in his hand. His K5 of hearts completed the actual flush (J,A,7,6,2 – all hearts), whereas neither you nor busterbrown had any hearts in your hand. The pot is only split if none of the players is holding a heart. When the board flops a flush, even a player with just a 2 of the suit will win the hand if no one else has any suited cards.
Hope this helps! Good luck and Good poker!

Dear owlady,

Thank you for the explanation! I don’t under stand because I have an A flush ( the board ) . I guess that a flush in the hand counts more than a flush on the board. I thought that the board counted for everyone… I have had many split pots . About 90% of the time I have a better kicker than the other person but the game splits the pot. When the other person has a better kicker they win the whole pot. I know that sometimes the board has higher kickers than both players, so split pots happens.

Poker books tell a different story than yours, this must be the replay way to settle same hands.

Tanks again for your post. Good luck to you!

My apologies if I confused you. Let me try again…

His hand was Ah, Kh, Jh, 7h, 6h) – so he had a higher flush than the board’s.
Yours and busterbrown’s were Ah, Jh, 7h, 6h, 2h, so both were lower than his.

Split pots for board flushes are common – when no player is holding the suit in their pocket cards or if the player’s pocket cards are lower than the board’s.

This is not a rule created by Replay; it is in the rule books for poker – he simply had a higher flush.

Make sense?

Dear owlady,

I see said the blind man. Good explanation part two! I wrongly thought that we all had the same A flush hand. his Kh is the better card. Think I was on tilt having an A flush and losing & having my trips A’s get sucked out again.

Thanks for your kindness & if I get good enough to play way up where you play, I’ll see you there:smile: