Split pot in a sit & go

hand # 185704231 1/17/2016

Sit n go

Doesn’t replay take the top 5 cards? Board is Qd, Js, 8c, 2s, 9d

I have Qs 6h.

super has Qc 4h

my 6 is higher than his 4. Why a split pot?

thank you.

The best 5 cards are used, so he had
Qd, Qs, Js, 8c, 9d

and you had
Qd, Qc, Js, 8c, 9d

your 6 is not part of the best 5 cards.

Heh, beat me to it. Joe has it sussed. Here’s the dealer chat from the hand:

Dealer: ** Hand [ 185704231 ] started **
Dealer: Dealt to board [ Qd Js 8c ]
Dealer: Dealt to board [ 2s 9d ]
Dealer: MARIA15 shows [ Qs 6h ] Pair, Queens
Dealer: superkings shows [ Qc 4h ] Pair, Queens
Dealer: MARIA15 wins 660 chips with Pair, Queens
Dealer: superkings wins 660 chips with Pair, Queens

And here’s the replay link: http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/185704231

Thank you! I didn’t know you counted the Q’s twice.

Ps. It seems whenever I have the better kicker, it’s a split pot. Of course when the other person has one card better they always seem to win the whole pot. Yes it depends on the board cards. I’ve had poor split pot action.

Thanks again for your reply.