Spitting pots

I don’t like the fact that you can have an identical hand and loose to someone who has one better card. Twice I have lost large pots because someone had one card better. Shouldn’t the pots be split with the larger part going to the higher card instead of the entire pot? We both had a full house, identical hands except one card. The pots should be split.

Hi bluesman. Welcome to the Forums. I don’t think Replay Poker’s practice in this context is anything other than a traditional poker rule. Here’s what I found when checking on-line: " A pot is split in poker when two or more players have the same winning hand. For example, if two people have the same two pair and high card, they will split the pot evenly between them." I emphasized the phrase “and high card” because that’s your question, I think–why the person with the one point higher card got the pot. The hand and high cards have to be identical to split the pot evenly. So a full house with a higher high card wins–maybe just by an edge, but a win is a win.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, I’m sure wiser minds on the site will correct me!

Good luck at the tables.


Nope ! Identical hands except for one card :joy:


for example: one player has the winning Full House: 9 9 9 8 8 ; the other player shows the loosing Full House 8 8 8 9 9 …lose this way and you can learn to consider the opponents hand better…

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Calls for closer inspection of the word “identical,” right?


“ identical **except ** for one card is not identical. “ Too funny


Higher kicker determines the winner

A winning hand is simply the best 5 cards anyway you look at it.

Ok. Thanks for the replies.

Then why are the smaller pots split? I had a better three of a kind earlier and “the pot was split” with me getting the larger cut. Why doesn’t this happen all the time?

please, give us the number of this hand…

Too many unknowns to answer your question. Please post a link to the hand numbers so your questions could be answered.

Without seeing the hand, I’m going to guess a player with a small stack went all in, creating a split pot after the betting continued. In that case, one player can win both pots with the best hand of all players, or one pot goes to the player with the best hand in the main pot and the other goes to the best hand in the side pot. (In other words, the small stack that went “all-in” had the best overall hand, and wins the original “all in” pot. Any betting after that “all-in” creates a second pot that he is excluded from winning as he has no stake in that pot)