Spectators + Logging in with Facebook

I am not sure if I am in the right spot… My two issues are…

  1. if there is a spectator watching a game…how can we see who it is? can this feature be added?

  2. for some reason now… we can no longer log in by just clicking on the “log in with Facebook” button, is it a replay issue? can it be fixed or is it permanent?
    thank you have a good day

Actually you posted it on a topic that’s unrelated, so I’ve moved it to it’s own Topic. :smile:

Sure, happy to help, so…

  1. You can’t currently see who the spectators are, but we intend to add this once we switch from Flash to HTML5 for the poker table, next year.

  2. Yes! There was a problem unfortunately from Friday which meant the Facebook login stopped working. We’ve fixed it now, so please try again. Sorry about that, it slipped though under our radar and we only found out about it today to fix.