Spectator only

If there a tournament nearing the end, how does one become a spectator ?
I’ve looked in lobby of the playing game but can’t see anything where to click as spectator…

Hi @Bluezzz

In the lobby, make sure the box next to Hide Running is not ticked.
Then the list of tournaments will show you all tournaments that are running (under Status the word showing would be Running).
Double-click on any running tournament (or single click, then click View Lobby on the right hand side), this will take you to the tournament lobby.
In the tournament lobby, you will see a list of active tables (only 1 table if they are already at the final table). Double-click on any table you like and it will open for you to watch the game.
You can also double-click a player’s name from the players list on the right, and the table at which he/she will open. Make sure you click on a player who sill has chips, to still be in the game.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


If you check the tournament lobby, on the lower left there is a list of tables in the tournament with players, and number of chips. Double click on a table to open it.
Never mind. Just do what Maya said. :wink:

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Found it, thanks ( solved )