Specific Methods for Success in Poker

Hi everyone, I have my specific, method for success in poker, which is constantly remembering and applying in every hand, these three principles that have a positive affect on my Goal of improving the Bankroll each week. They are Patience, Discipline and Faith, not always in that order depending on the circumstances. I believe poker is a debatable percentage of Chance/Luck & Skill. The only part, I can control is, (skill) by playing the cards dealt to the best of my ability, by using this method.

I am curious if anyone else has their own specific method of playing the hands dealt to you and using that method in every hand. Also does the method create positive affect that increases you’re Bankroll Weekly, and would you please share with us all?


This is a great topic and that is one cute dog…hehe :slight_smile:

I’ve found I have to play a certain way to get through all the losing hands that poker has to offer. Poker is a real roller coaster ride. Sometimes you are on a hot streak and it feels like you can do nothing wrong. Others, the cards just won’t cooperate and someone else is having the time of their lives. To cope, I do the following and it has made me a lot of chips. I win more than I lose. Maybe this will help you as well. The key is to have fun!!

My simple poker strategy:

In order to start betting I need a face card of Jack or better. Then I hit call until I get a pair. Then I go all in if someone hasn’t already forced me all in with their bets. All other starting hands I fold. When I hit a certain amount of chips won, I leave the table. This applies to ring games only. Tournament play is more difficult. I have a modified system for that. Also, you have to have your settings set for automatic top off and rebuy. Start off at the minimum chip buy in. Modify as needed to have fun!!

My biggest problem in poker was knowing when to and by how much to increase my bet. I don’t know all the percentages to win a hand with specific cards dealt and at what times to bet this much or that. I needed a simple way to allow myself the ability to stay in a hand without getting frustrated at how the cards were falling.

In all aspects of life we need to give ourselves the permission to do something. Whether it’s by faith or for a person’s family, something is needed for us to take action. Perhaps, it’s just the right thing to do or doing something on principal. Once you have the ok to move forward, then you can.

For me, most times, I simply tell myself. What have I got to lose? If I do nothing, then I’ve already failed.

By telling yourself that you can bet until you get a pair, then you can stay in a hand without folding. You get more play time and can be amazed at how often (it is quite often) another player is in the hand with nothing more than a pair themselves. I’ve had four suited cards with all players in the hand and would’ve bet my last dollar that someone had to have hit the flush. So often, they are playing a simple pair or drawing to the flush and miss it. You find out a lot about people by playing this way. You see many hands you might’ve folded and you will get rewarded. You also lose a lot.

The last part of this strategy is to set a limit at which you’ll leave the table to bank your chips won. You have to cash out at some point. Choose a chip stack that feels right to you. I’ve gone from thousands of chips to zero. Ups and downs are a part of poker no matter what your strategy.

I know. I know. You might be thinking. Mark seriously. Does this work?

I was amazed the first time I used this system. Turns out it does.

If you have success using this system, let me know. Or if you find flaws in it, I’d love to hear from you as well. The key is to always have fun!!


The old saying stays true, if it’s right for you then you really don’t have a decision to make, right is right. Enjoy and don’t bet over your head, bet with it. Bankroll Management is the key to long term sustainability in poker.


Agree. it definitely helps to have confidence in the decision making process, regardless of what method used. Thank you very much for the feedback and GL at the tables


My ultimate goal as well, continuously increasing the Bankroll


Great topic, not sure how many may divulge their secrets, but I’ll try to divulge of few of mine.
Certainly the strategy is greatly different depending on whether you’re in the ring or a MTT.
I by far play mostly tourneys.
Important things to consider are many, each hand is different, guess that’s why this game is so fascinating.
Position on the table is perhaps the # 1 thing to consider, dealer button and the cutoff win the most by quite a bit.
If you know anything about a certain players style, that can alter what you might do otherwise.
I usually won’t play a hand unless I want to raise it, or at least likely to call a raise.
I don’t do a lot of bluffing, you can get away with that more when you’re in position or are among the leaders in the tourney.
If I flop the Knutts, lol, I’ll likely check hoping for action, or perhaps a small bet.
Chasing a hand is generally a bad idea.
If you have a gut feeling about a hand, good or bad, go with that feeling.
Have patience, folding keeps you in the tourney. you can’t win a tourney with one hand, but you certainly can lose one.
Don’t get upset when you hit a hand after folding, happens all the time.
Don’t get upset over a bad beat, also happens all the time.
Bankroll management is important, don’t play more than 10%, or perhaps 5% in any one tourney.
Enjoy playing and the players, you’ll likely have better luck.
I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all for now folks, have a great day.


Hi @TheKnutts , Great suggestions for success. I was concerned that folks wouldn’t want to divulge their secrets, when I posted. However, I also believed we would reveal different methods for success, as you have laid out without sharing how we actually use them in different circumstances. Thank you very much for sharing you’re insight and GL at the tables, my friend!!


That should be every Poker Players goal, increasing the bankroll. I’ll keep the rest of my strategy to myself :wink:


Agree @Craig_Anthony The goal is to continuously increase the Bankroll, my main question was not to discover other’s strategy, but what specific method or methodology are folk’s using to develop that strategy. I believe it may open everyone’s mind to consider.


A simple strategy for starting cards:
=> both cards > 6 & connected exceptions SUITED ie. 5h 6h, early with few competitors.
This is based on the simple idea of having 2 or greater ways of winning.
eg Q6 has only one way of winning, except for 2 pair.
eg K7 has two cards > 6 and the 7 will win 50% of the time for 77 match-ups (K as kicker)
eg 5h 6h offer straight and flush possibilities
Early, especially with few players in the hand, and playing late, it is worth a look-see with a weaker hand.
Late, or with 3 players of less, it is essentially a high card shoot-out as you will seldom
get to the straight or flush.

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Thanks @JustlyFishy for you’re strategy for starting cards. Do you or anyone, have a specific method you use every day and every hand to, minimize losses & maximize wins and does that method increase your weekly Bankroll?

That is the basis of my approach, and I do OK with a very tight approach.
My approach is outlined at www.bestpokerbets.com
Cheers and Best Wishes

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I have seen people playing like this, and my observation is that they often win a lot of small pots, but they lose huge pots when they get called.

The reason for this is that most people will fold to an all in bet, but they will call if there have better than top pair, in other words two pairs or better.

I don’t have any particular system, but I adjust my play according to the playing style of opponents on the table. Generally the pattern is there is a lot of cat and mouse play and bluffing and counter bluffing while you try to figure out players, and then hopefully you stack them. For example it is amazing how many players will go all in with AA on the turn, even though they can see that an opponent is repping two pairs or a straight.

I agree that it is good to know when to stop when you’re ahead in ring games. For example, take the number of chips needed to buy into the table and multiply by 3 and quit when you exceed this number. If your stack gets too big, then you stand to lose a lot of chips but it is much harder to win a lot of chips.

Tournaments are another matter. The knack is to play as few hands as possible, but to keep your stack at a competitive level at every stage. Once you are on the final table a certain amount of luck is usually required and high card strength is paramount as the stack to blind ratio does not usually allow for much play on later streets, so drawing hands lose value.


Thank’s @BluffaloKing , for your input and advice. Very well stated and agree especially in tournament play up to and in the final table. GL at the tables

And protect your blinds.


I see you are a billion chip player, so I certainly respect your acumen, however can you explain more?

In tournaments on RP the blind levels escalate fairly quickly. At the beginning they are very low, but usually by the time you get to 40 minutes, the blinds have gone up to 200 chips when you have a starting stack of 5000 chips. At this level and beyond if you raise from the BB and fire on the flop and do not take down the pot, then you will almost certainly lose a large percentage of your tips.

Example: blinds are 200. You have two limpers and the small blind folds, so now 700 chips in the pot. You raised to 500 chips and you get two callers, so now 1600 chips in the pot. The flop comes down and you fire a pot sized bet of 1600 chips. One opponent flat calls. You have nothing. What do you do? You have already committed half your stack to this hand.

When the blinds get higher after the first hour, to defend your big blind you have little option but to go all in. Is this really effective?

I have played on RP for 5 years and have taken my chip stacked balance from 0 to half a billion playing exclusively in MTTs and have won the biggest tournament on RP several times, but I have never figured out how to profitably defend your Big Blind except when heads-up at the end. Can you explain more?


No because then my game strategy is out there for everyone to take notes.

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Hi everyone, I thank all for your input on the discussion, but I feel I need to clarify the intended question.

The intended question on this thread, was asking if anyone has a specific method to apply on each hand. My method is constantly remembering and applying in every hand, these three principles, Patience, Discipline and Faith, not always in that order depending on the circumstances. This helps me with my decision process, of my undisclosed and constantly changing, strategy. I am not asking anyone to define their strategy.

Patience, observing everything at the table, leaving the game with more chips then when I arrived bankroll management.

A winning formula for success at Poker


Well said & could be said about everything in life!!