Special achievements

small question:

anyone know how much special achievements exist in replay?

Go to dashboard click on your picture on the upper right of screen, when it opens up go down and click on achievements and it’ll show you all the achievements you can get.
Hope that helps…

thx for the reaction, but what you mean shows only which of the bronze/silver/gold there are. the specials are not shown however, you can only find them by seeking other players that already have some. but it won’t give you a certain quantity.

Thank you for the reply mjn, but yiazmat is referring to the last section, the “special” achievements. You can not see which ones there are, unless viewing the achievements of someone who has them. I only know of 3, one of which is for being a moderator.

Beat me to it, yiazmat.

I would not think there are any more than 3 special achievements, The Sheriff, The Bluff and Lone Wolf. There may be more out there that a small percentage of players or no players have. The staff of Replay might not want to give out how many specials there are, but who know?

ah ok thx. i know that it’s secret how to get them, but i assumed the quantity was no secret, maybe we hear it once? :slight_smile:.

thx for the information.

What mjn61 tell is not help.

There is a Special Achievement Chip “Bad Beat”, which states “Lost a hand when you had a really good hand (4 of kind or better)”.


achievements are like participation awards… meaningless.

for a part i agree. but at the same time, i like them as a sort of colletibles.

i won’t hestitate for a second to put playing my best poker game at the first place, but it’s still some fun to collect them.

to make things better however, they should make the achievements way harder to get, this way it is still only a collectibe, but something to be proud of if you get it, like a trophy.

This is the point of them. :slight_smile: Lots of players love to have earned collectibles to display on their profile, to show others what they’ve been able to achieve. Once you turn off Achievement Notifications, they’re unobtrusive for players that don’t care about them, while still allowing them to be enjoyed by those who do.

We do have some new achievements in the works, so hopefully we’ll have those up and running soon!