Spammer on all forum, be carefull!

“Information about Stilhaus Kitchens was first submitted to Scambook on Nov 16, 2013. Since then the page has accumulated 63 consumer complaints. On average users reported $167.84 of damages.”

I try to be up in the forum 24/7 to delete any “Kitchens” spamms, unfortunatelly cant do more about it. Hopefully “GetSatisfaction”(this forum host) sort it out soon. Here is one link from the many , you can safelly read further info about this spammer.

I will re-post this every time when spammer comming back.

Please carefull and do not follow they “Kitchens” link or click on it!

I like to remind you, please do not post your personal details on this forum, contact ReplayPoker on privet channels if any email issue or similar.


6 min ago again, done.

10 min ago… the spammer come back.

I find a way to report this guys to “GetSatisfaction” the host of this forum, and they act quick to rid off thet mess. (even at the weekend) :slight_smile:

I like to warn you all again : Do not fall for the spammers, do not even think about click on the links they advertising… You will expose yourself and loose real money!

Please be carefull

One came back, please do not follow any Kichen link they post, you will be mugged!