Spaces after after thousands (11 000 000etc. ) and chips in pot indicator

We need space after each 3 numbers so we can see how much money in pot and in players stacks… When ppl got over 10 mil in one table it isn’t so clear… and yeah cash in chips in pot would be great number too… just basic stuff

Good idea ! Once Im lost most of my chips with that mistake (one click, little inattention). :confused:

We’ve already got this on our to-do list, we tried to update it end of last year but ran into some trouble with using the commas, as they conflicted with the way in which separate data is sent from the server (think CSV files). However it might be possible to do this purely on the client side, I’ll ask one of our techies and post a reply shortly.

I’m pleased to say this has now been implemented. Thanks for the suggestion separi! The numbers at the table now are separated by commas, which makes it a little bit easier to read the table.

good job, thanks Paul

Yes this is perfect thx a lot.

I would like to remind, that the total chips in pot are not yet listed and therefore this topic must go on :), my reasoning for this is that its sometimes hard to know how much exactly is in pot when there is couple side pots and like 2 or 3 people bet raise and reraise. Yes i know that usually it is just kinda useless, but the timer isn’t really waiting for you counting the money and thinking your raise value.

This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Display total chips in pot when there are side pots.