Soul Read

Was this theoretically a bad call? My gut told me he didn’t have anything so that’s why I called him down.

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  1. Isolating with 2.15bb is a mistake, optimal sizing here will be around 3.5-4BB.
  2. Calling weak top-pair without flush draw in multi-way pot is also a huge blunder, because even against 2h3s your hand has around 50% equity and equity realization will be hard multiway,
  3. I’d prefer having a spade blocker for 2x overbet bluffcatching.
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I suspect I’d normally get out of the way here, unless I had seen villain making bluffs at a high frequency. The initial bet on the flop is quite strong: a donk into 3 opponents out of position. With the river bet in particular, you don’t need to call an over bet of that size with a very large part of your range.

Do you think it was a bad call ? I don’t think it was a “ Soul read “ according to poker nomenclature. Perhaps a regular call with the 2 hole cards that you had. At least you took at shot at it without having a pair.


Yeah I’d consider it a soul read because the guy could easily have a flush (I don’t have any spades in my hand), trips, or even a boat the way he was betting. Most people definitely wouldn’t be calling him down with just a 6 and a weak kicker. I just somehow “knew” he was bluffing - on the flop you can see me hesitating - I was reading his soul through the computer screen :rofl: