Songs That Make You Reminisce

What are some songs that bring back memories and make you reminisce about something that happened in your life? Here are a few songs that make me reminisce.

Piano man by Billy Joel - On my 21st Birthday we went to a local bar and at some point that night someone played this song on the jukebox. The entire bar sang this song and it was a really fun night. Whenever I hear this song I think about that night and the fun I had with family and friends.

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey - Earlier this year when I went on my cruise this song was played a lot. The first time I heard it on the ship was at the sail away party when we we’re leaving New York.the first day of the cruise. It was cold on the pool deck as it was January but the sail away party was fun and whenever I hear this song now I think about that cruise vacation.

Time Of Your Life aka Good Riddance by Green Day - This song was played a lot during my final week of High School in my senior year in 2014. Whenever I hear this song I reminisce back to my High School years and think about all the friends I made.



A favourite with the early new wave line dancers

(This needs no comment, it speaks for itself.)


Before you leave me please unlove me…also says it all


RIP Eddy. We love you !!!

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