Something's off

I feel for you, so much!
Everything you said has happened to me, it 's really inexplicable!
I used to have over 17 million chips…now I have zero.
All I can really say that the river is indeed one of the cards, 16.67% of them.
Why it seems to screw you so often to someone that is playing complete garbage is beyond me.
Suppose it because we play for free with computer generated cards :relaxed:
Have a nice day!

What you’ve described is perfectly normal and very explicable.
Any single card is just one card. When a second card is added, it may or may not match the first’s rank or suit, or be in a sequence with it, or even both. Adding a third card has twice as many chances to pair plus the chances to match a suit or fit a sequence. A fourth card could make quads, trips, two pairs, a four straight or a four flush, a single pair, or a bust. By the time you reach that river card–the seventh and final card–there are millions of possible hands that can be hit. And, a good many of them will beat whatever looked strong when there were only two or five cards known. The possibilities INCREASE tremendously with each new card added.
Hold’em is a SEVEN card game, not TWO, or FIVE, or even SIX. Until that final seventh card is seen, the issue may still be in doubt. This is why every old time player recommends caution.


It’s also why more modern players recommend pre-river aggression. Competitors, particularly at lower stakes, will either wildly overestimate or underestimate the likelihood of a board-changing river. This will result in them either folding off or overcommitting their equity, creating value for the bettor.

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