Something wrong with all-in and going straight to showdown

all in that it is not ( not 4 all players)

and same case , same tour (Kick starter 2000 (ante sistem))

I dont know to express in english, so please look at the played hand on upper link . Ty.

did, its under investigation . Can I ask you , did you click on check box after when first player bet all in?

No. I’m clicked call both time.

you mean bet?

if you click call all, then if no bets, nothing to call. just check auto.

no bet , I call big blind … fleming put all stack (smallest then big blind) …after flop open, sharkey and I no possibility raises betwee us , no waiting time nothing after turn , after river too!

r u kidding me!?

no, i think thets clear it up, Thanks!

yeah right , and Im queen Elizabeth ! u r lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

once again in same tour , Fat Bank Roll 7500 (Fast)

after having placed stakes(big blind) , mizzougrown have no more stake 4 bid , but kingbe and me(sarkozi) have more stake … after opening flop we have right to bet , fold or check , then same after turn and river too. We have not put all in !

Why no one can see !?

In this moment dealer must stop…dont open turn, and wait for bid between kingbee n sarkozi !

The same case is here :

but here Im out of stakes and other two playars can bid … check, bet or fold

Impossibility of other players to raise the stakes happens when a third player sit out .

that happens in two tour with antes system , other three… think I not played

Thanks for reporting sarkozi, apologies for not investigating this sooner, somehow it seems to have slipped between the cracks. But we’ll get the dev guys to look at the issue this week and get a fix in place very soon.

No problem, I’m glad when can help.

We believe we’ve fixed this now, we’re just going to do some more testing before putting it live.

I’m closing this as there has been no more reported problems since we applied the fix.

sorry …again :slight_smile:

two time in tour with ante sist. :