Something I have noticed recently

Some players will go all-in at a paired flop with only 2 pair.
Some examples:
#789803644 This was the first time that I have noticed it.
#805617927 At this hand I saw it several times and I knew that he had only a ten.

If someone had on this board had a set, they wouldn’t go directly all in, I think.

So I wonder why those players are doing this. Because this is an easy to spot bluff where overpairs and sets will call.


I don’t like the all in bet in the first example. Here, I want either a much stronger hand or a much weaker hand. Bottom pair just doesn’t perform well with a large over bet like this. But, with a 3x over bet, you can actually have a pretty high bluff ratio (though two opponents forces you to scale that back a little again), so I might be inclined to make this bet with some weird hands like 53.

In the second hand, the all in bet is only a slight over bet of the pot. I tend to prefer smaller bets here, possibly polarizing on the turn if I get another good card, but I think this is a much smaller mistake than in the prior hand.

In general, a lot of people like to bluff on paired boards, as the board is less likely to have connected with their opponent’s cards, making it harder for them to call and increasing the win rate of the bluff. That said, I don’t feel like they usually make great candidates for polarized betting (big bets), as they are the opposite of what you generally want for that: a wet board (where many hands will have connected strongly).

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In the first hand I understand what went through his mind, with only the 4 he thought he had the best hand (which is true a good part of the time) but being afraid with this vulnerable hand many players will overprotect their small pair to stop the hand right away which doesn’t make sense because he will never get paid by worse.
He was scared and didn’t wanted to bluff or value in my opinion.

The second hand is the same example of the problem that many players have with emotional play ( fear again) instead of following the ev+ logic where I think check is the best play to let AQ AK AJ KQ QJs c-bet, hands that we lose by going all-in against the original raiser.

Interesting to see that in these 2 hands no set have been jammed