Somebody's living right

I say that because I got 4 of a kind five times in the last three days. TBH, I couldn’t tell you what the first two were, 4s on one, maybe. I do remember that one took out a flush, and the other a boat. Usually, when I get quads, it’s for show. Trips, or sometimes just top pair would take the hand. Turns out I would have lost both hands if the 4th …whatever they were…had not dropped. Got both stacks, or at least as much of theirs as mine could get me.
The one yesterday may be one of my favorite hands since I started playing holdem. It came right after I made a really stupid mistake, and found myself with very few chips. By the time I got a hand I could work with I’m sitting in the small blind with just over 1.5 BB, and KJo.
The fourth and fifth happened in an SnG about an hour ago, to the same opponent. Nothing special. Trips would have won both hands. Neither hand earned me much. One was 4 fours, the other sevens.

edit…the three days were thur., fri., and sat. wrote this and forgot to post. pretty strange, eh?


(Not strange at all…to me…but we may be about the same age. hahaha)