Some GOOD security news for a change

At long last, Microsoft is disabling Excel 4.0 macros by default

Excerpt: Sometimes good news in the security world comes unexpectedly. This is one of those times. After three decades of macro viruses, and three decades of trying to convince every single Excel user individually to disable macros, Microsoft is going disable Excel 4.0 macros for everyone. Better late than never, right? Talk about a big sigh of relief. Excel 4.0 macros, aka XLM macros, were first added to Excel in 1992. They allowed users to add commands into spreadsheet cells that were then executed to perform a task. Unfortunately, we soon learned that (like any code) macros could be made to perform malicious tasks. Office documents have been a favorite hiding place of malicious code ever since. [Good, but very delayed action. Think about that. They knew there was an issue within a few months. If you had taken out a 30 year mortgage then, you’d have less than a year’s payments left to make. Alan25main]


Thank you Microsoft :+1:t2:

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