Solve the problem

third time you have a problem with 1 on 1 sng poker if you have been waiting for a game and decide to unregister and it comes up registration closed you are locked out of the game unless you can manage to work your way out of it and thats hit or miss has happened to me 3 times cost me chips I did not need to lose.Address the problem give me a decent answer

Sorry about that flatbusted. There was a problem during peak times, with delays in updating the site. We’ve since taken measures to reduce or eliminate the delays, so you shouldn’t have any more problems. We’re also monitoring it closely now, and set ourselves the goal of 0 delays going forward.

Thanks for reporting this!

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Paul thank you for addressing this problem I enjoy the heads up games but not being locked out and losing half my chips while trying to find away back in look forward to no problems.