So what are your stats?

Just curious - I know that the game play on this site is not one to base your stats on in terms of real life poker but I thought (since we are all on the site together) I would throw this out to see how others are doing. For me -

Hands folded - 73%
Pots Won - 17
At Showdown - 82%

This is a great idea. I think it would be useful to include rank and hands played just for reference.

Rank: 274
Hands played: ~130,000
Hands folded: 72%

Pots won: 14%
Won at showdown: 47%

Flops seen ~50,000
While not paying blind: ~19,000

Info like % of hands folded and flops seen while not paying blind (which is sort of like VPIP) is not very meaningful because the site does not account for whether or not you are playing a heads up SnG (when you might play 50+% of hands) or a full-ring cash game.

gearslut, I am guessing you usually play 6-max, to have such a high percentage of hands won. Winning 80% of hands at showdown indicates that you might not be betting enough when you have a good hand. My percentage used to be ~53% at showdown, now it’s only 47% because I realized that rather than win 10 pots of 10,000, it’s better to win 1 pot of 1,000,000. And people on this site love to call bets with anything.

My Stats : Pots Won: 20% (4,899)
At showdown: 48% (2,365)
Without showdown: 52% (2,534)

Love that someone asked this question !!! I have been wondering about these numbers, GREAT idea including some of this info when playing… Some forum where a numbers freak like me could get the true value of each of these categories would be interesting. Anybody know of one? Thanks for the question ! Great site !

  1. Hands folded - 72%
    before flop - 75%

Pots won @ showdown - 76%

Pots won - 13%

Spot on with the 6max guess…and think you are on to something wrt showdown number - i.e. not betting enough. makes sense. Would be great if we could see stats for individual tourneys entered or sessions played. There are 3rd party programs out there that do this but its more for the online cash game crowd. this is all just for fun. btw my rank is in the 8-10K range (been on for a month or so) – went from zero to 250 back to zero and am now in the 150k chip range…11.5K hands played.

Rank: 18,252
Hands played: 2,431
Hands folded: 70% (1706)

Pots won: 17% (408)
Won at showdown: 47% (198)

Flops seen - 1094
While not paying blind - 474

Some very impressive stats here (not mine posted by others)& I am hoping to be amongst them soon as I play more on the site. Only joined earlier this month.

I think I saw on another forum post that they are bringing these features online very soon @gearslut

Flops seen: 10,196
While in big blind: 3,066
While in small blind: 1,615
While not paying blind: 5,515

Hands folded: 81% (19,280)
Pre flop: 68% (13,188)
At flop: 73% (14,114)
At turn: 65% (12,658)
At river: 58% (11,221)

Pots Won: 11% (2,579)
At showdown: 69% (1,786)
Without showdown: 31% (793)

I am surprised that everyone’s Hands Folded has been 70+%. Based on the hands they show up with, it seems like many people on this site play 40-50% of hands. Maybe it’s just a selection bias of people who post here.

All of the stats seem relatively similar, except the % of Pots Won at showdown.

There are definitely a lot of players whose stats do not look anything like these posted here.

I play very boring poker :slight_smile:

Total hands played: 32,932
Rank: 1,953
Hands folded: 67% (22,393)
Pre flop: 54% (12,171)
At flop: 64% (14,376)
At turn: 56% (12,670)
At river: 52% (11,821)
Flops seen: 19,779
While in big blind: 5,867
While in small blind: 5,161
While not paying blind: 8,751
Pots Won: 19% (6,269)
At showdown: 62% (3,884)
Without showdown: 38% (2,385)

Recently woke up to the reality that I play too tight. I’m still not anyone’s definition of a loose player but the site has made me a better player I think by loosening up and protecting hands better. Grew up playing draw and stud cash games when nobody ever heard of Hold Em or Omaha. Rarely play cash games anymore but when I do, I think I do better overall, owing in part to experiences on this site I’m sure.

I play a lot of Omaha on here which I think skews the stats somewhat as you are more likely to want to see flops. It would be interesting to see stats broken down between total, Omaha, and Hold Em, and Royal too, for that matter.

Thanks for the suggestion Clean_Willie, we plan to MASSIVELY improve the stats on the site. There’s a LOT of data to crunch, but we’ve got a team of very smart developers, I think you’re going to love what we come up with!

Personally, I find LAGgy players the most difficult to playa against and it is something that I would like to investigating adding to my game…playing more hands while IP

good LAGs are the hardest players to beat (i.e., Tom Dwan) because you need to either get lucky and be really strong so they can bluff off chips to you or trust your read to know when you can beat them or make them fold.

That being said, there are almost no good LAGs on this site. Most aggressive players are extremely transparent with their bluffs, so if you just wait for a decent hand you can crush them. Unless someone is ranked in the top 1000 I wouldn’t give them any credit for knowing how to play a LAG style, and I wouldn’t really worry unless they were top 300 (not that rank means much). LAG is the hardest type of play to master, so most people who try are just really bad aggressive fish.

Heads up SnGs are a fun and interesting way to learn how to beat different player-types. Sometimes you come up against nits who only commit more than 1 bb when they are really strong; sometimes opponents are hyper aggressive, which is really hard if they are decent/lucky and really easy if they are bad; and because it’s heads up you have to really learn someone’s style and adjust.

Thanks Joe, I will bear that in mind

Hands played 69,475
Rank 508
Folded 76%
Preflop 74%
At Flop 72%
At Turn 54%
At River 43%
Flops Seen 27,711
While in Big Blind 9,189
While in Small Blind 6,799
While not Paying Big Blind 11,723
Won 15% (10,177)
At Showdown 56% (5,706)
Without Showdown 44% (4,471)

I reallycan’t use stats from my game here, because the way I play depends on what game I’m playing. For instance I will play extremely loose and aggressive in a freeroll or cheap 500 or 1,000 chip game, but I tighten up a bit for 5,000 10,000. I play the cheaper games just to relax ,have fun, and see if I can aggravate someone. It’s just fun.

Total hands played: 162,517
Rank: 456
Hands folded: 70% (114,297)
Pre flop: 67% (77,609)
At flop: 67% (77,391)
At turn: 54% (61,726)
At river: 46% (52,664)
Flops seen: 77,096
While in big blind: 25,478
While in small blind: 20,325
While not paying blind: 31,293
Pots Won: 17% (27,907)
At showdown: 50% (14,016)
Without showdown: 50% (13,891)

I’m not a math person, but looking at the hands folded stats, I’m really confused. For example, in Clean_Willie’s stats, pre-flop to river percentages add up to more than 200%, and the numbers in parentheses add up to more than the total given for Hands folded. My stats have the same issue as do Ratchits, while seriola, who is the only other person to post the complete stats, seems to make sense only at looking at the river fold. Can someone tell me what I am missing in looking at these.

Total hands played: 52,758
Rank: 1,442

Hands folded:

73% (38,637)

Pre flop: 65% (25,413)
At flop: 70% (27,339)
At turn: 58% (22,703)
At river: 51% (19,717)

Flops seen:


While in big blind: 8,192
While in small blind: 6,485
While not paying blind: 11,675

Pots Won:

15% (7,658)

At showdown: 68% (5,182)
Without showdown: 32% (2,476)