So here's a suggestion!

Y’know how after you get knocked out, you get the “GOOD GAME! You finished ____” window? Doesn’t matter what place you finish, that’s the message you get.

That’s nice, I guess. Considerate. Compassionate.

But I have more realistic suggestions for that window. Since I’m playing a lot of 6 seat tables, I’ll go with my suggestions for finishes at those tables:

6th place: “Look away. We’ll just pretend this never happened.”

5th Place: ““Go all in,” you said. “It’ll be fine,” you said.”

4th Place: “4th Place?? Why, that’s ALMOST like kissing your sister!”

3rd Place: “3rd Place?? That’s EXACTLY like kissing your sister!”

2nd Place: “Hey - remember that time you made it to the top two and won the whole thing? Yeah, me neither.”

1st Place: “Good Game! But we both know you still suck.”

These aren’t written in stone - suggestions welcome!


These are hilarious!!


Hahahahahaha, hahahaha, hahahaha :rofl::rofl:


Thought of another one I like for finishing first:

“Clearly there’s been a mistake.”


Is your sister good looking ?? lol mine that is a sickner