So close to a prize and Replay Poker server went down.... Oh noooooooo!

Hi there. I was in the middle of a tournament, and doing very well. All of a sudden your server went down. I almost earned a ticket. How will this be handled? Thank you for your help.

Sorry you have trouble. First you should provide hand number or tour number.

How do you “know” it was the server? Usually its a red line in chat if server stop or start. (rare)

I find it.

Well, I think it was not the server as others ok. You are the only one who seat out of some reason.

Are you use wireless connection? Most case thets the problem.

Im sure staff member too drop by in weektime.


Hi Sandra,

Sorry to hear you were disconnected during this tournament. It looks like in spite of this you came in 4th place and still earned a ticket, so all good there. We have a help article with a few things you can check on your side regarding the connection issues: You might give those a try and if you encounter such a thing again, please email us directly at with as many details as possible. Thanks!

Cheers, Lesley