SNG tourney points system

In a 9 men table i finished 5th twice. One time i got 0 tourney points and another time i got 6000+ tourney points. Why? Top 50% will get points but this 5th position is confusing… Explain.

Hey Xov,

We’re actually actively discussing this amongst the team right now – didn’t want to leave you hanging. It might be related to low attendance to the tournament, but we’re checking all the angles.

Edit: Looking through your play history, but having a hard time spotting the finishes. Do you recall if they were MTT or SnG?



think i played less than 50% of the hands that time around…

Sounds like there might be a couple things going on:

It may have been a game where the remaining players all received a prize, typically a ticket. This is common in the 15K ticket games.

You also need to maintain an attendance of 50% or great for a given tournment to receive points, so that definitely may account for the lack of points.

The good news is, this wouldn’t figure into the toplists or MTT score, so nothing impacted there.

Hopefully that makes sense!

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