SnG Tournament Winning Point Chart

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I added an excel-file with some point charts, calculated with the before posted formula.
If you want me to add any, just ask please.


replay tournament winning points chart.xls (40.5 KB)

Chris, I don’t have the math skill to work with logs so easily so I was hoping somebody would and lo and behold you showed up and also created a spreadsheet. All the serious MTT and SNG players need to understand this is an important tool for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


You’re welcome Scratch (3x) :smile:

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BlackBar the Irish lad may think twice about playing a 6 player game after seeing the results of putting into a chart thanks to ChrisG’s great tool:


6…200…15,434 …10,914…8,911…-…-…-
9…100…18,000 …12,728…10.392…9,000…8,050…-

My guess is the smart players will spend 50K to win 19,742 in a 12 person game than spend 200K to win 18,903 in a 9 person game. Note: There is a slight difference in the amount of chips you win… but not that much.

I’ve adjusted the file. I left the examples in there. Just fill in cells K3 & K4 (number of players and buy-in) and column L will show you the points per position. This will makes things a lot easier and faster I hope. You can copy-paste your results in other columns and build a whole database of information.


replay tournament winning points chart.xls (42.5 KB)

My pleasure Sharon!

Thanks for the info. Since I don’t have excel office your format is very helpful. Once again, thank you!!

Hello Ohio,
You can also use Openoffice, which you can download for free from the internet.

Thanks-I will give it a try

It reads and writes XLS… and speaking of Chris’s help, I just sent an email to Paul Gould asking him to consider putting a two cell box in the lobby of all tournament games that offer tourney points so that anybody at any time can go to the lobby and see how many tournament points are for the position they or a friend came in. Example: [3] [14,326] This would indicate that third place finish won 12,326 points. Takes up very little space, thanks to Chris, and helps all the players do better by taking the game more seriously.

Good idea Scratch-hope replay gives it serious consideration. Thanks for attempting to make Replay an even better site.

Buckeye, I was going to wait until my second anniversary in February to give my analysis of the site after reading all the hits that silly people take at the site, but I will start now. I speak with substantial experience because I tried to make two other sites better places but they were two small, and already in the failing mode to accept good organizational ideas. So I became the brunt of all their anger and frustration. But since I have been here, and having become very friendly with the staff, the paid help, Paul Gould, Happi, and the rest of the gang, this place by far is collectively making this place perhaps the greatest free no money poker ever.

Here, everybody’s idea is discussed and often applied to the site. Yes, I have contributed ideas. But so have so many people I am awed by what great stuff. There is a culture here that is supportive, friendly, positive, and funny as hell.

Some of the people come here and think they have some kind of an edge on everybody else. Those people either leave because they were bored or managed to get bounced, or they stay, and they transform in to better and somewhat humbler players than when they arrived. This is what the site does to people. More and more people are stopping by and staying.

Joe Dirk, just another player, is a treasure to anybody who will listen to him. There are numerous Joe Dirks who have done the reading, continue to see poker as a practice, a place where you continue the long never ending climb to a fuller understanding of parts of the game.

The arrogant new players soon learn that there are truly great players here who have a lot to teach. The wise person will watch and try to learn. The fools will complain and mouth off.

Buckeye, I have seen you grow and do admire your humility and have watched you grow as a player. I am equally sure that others have you as their favorite and they learn from you.

Paul Gould has created a masterpiece here and we are all a part of it. Either you recognize that or you don’t. If you don’t I am sorry for you. If you do, nothing need to be said.

Sorry for the rant…


Merry Christmas

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Scratch is a buddy of mine, and I’m just here to say that he is an asset to this site…
I met him at one of the sites he referenced, and agree he tried to help there - to no avail…
There are a lot of closed minds running computer sites of all kinds, not just poker…
But, I agree with him that is not the case here…

Rant On, Ronnie!!!


PS - Anyone not satisfied or happy here, take the 3rd door on the left…