SnG Tournament Winning Point Chart

We can go to the bank to learn how many chips we won over a period of a month. But for those competing in the Monthly SnG Tournaments we do not know how many points we can obtain in any given game. Would it be too difficult to create a chart so that we could make our choice based upon how many points we want to try to win?

I imagine it would look something like this:

SNG Players…1st Place…2nd Place…3rd Place…4th Place…5th Place… Etc.


great idea Scratch

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Thank you Sharon and Buckeye. When I sent it privately Sharon, I had already started to fill in the Hi numbers as games were played. Here it is again and you will see I got all the six players and will get the nine players later: I think all the players should contribute how many tourney chips they earn at each level. Here is what I got:

1 15,435 tournament points 200K 6 player
2 10,914 tournament points 200K 6 player
3 8,912 tournament points 200K 6 player

1… tournament points 200K 9 player
2 … tournament points 200K 9 player
3 … tournament points 200K 9 player

I was offering this as a model for you to do Medium and find a volunteer for Lo (note I didn’t include the exotic game).

You are on to something Scratch.
This is important if you are a dedicated monthly leader board fan.
A simple intermediate solution would be to provide a second box in the Bank section that informs you about your points progress as the present one does for chips.
Keep up the good work.

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Two things… I agree with Bar that it would be great for us dedicated SnG players. And I think it is harder than it looks, at least for the nine player game where I could only get two because the third place winner didn’t make the board. I have to trust that with enough people asking for it one day it will appear… this place is like a grown-up toy store for us kids!!


disregard post for for 6 max 2000-info incorrect

Hi Sharon,
(Copy to Scratch)
I never play 6 seat games. Not enough points on offer. Also, it’s great fun to watch the bingo players devour each other in the early stages of a 9 seat game. Get rid of four of them and you’re in the points, and there’s always the chance to pick up a big pot from one of them.
The first thing I do when I turn my computer on is to check the leaderboard. Living in Ireland, most of the action takes place in the States while I am fast asleep. I check out the top players and also players who are rising with a high average. I measure myself against them and it has made me a much better player. In order to do this properly you need to know what your minimum points target is in each game. That information is sadly lacking, all you get is a mathematical formula that requires a scientific calculator to process. I’m quite good with arithmetic and algebra, but that formula stumps me.
As I mainly play 9 seat regular games, I am familiar with the points on offer there, it’s when I venture into new territory that I get lost.
I mean, how many people know that you get over 24,000 points for winning a low 45 seat MT? I only know that 'cos I won one.
This is well worth pursuing…

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Ah, c’mon Sharon,
Don’t try to kid a kidder.
You are a very serious player, and you’re very good.
The likes of you and Satchy and Floridajetski give the lie to the myth that good players can’t win on Replay. I try to model my play on you and them and am achieving some modest results. Give me six months on the site and I might be shaking your tree. But I’ll always like you for the fact that you were one of the first people to welcome me.

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Hello guys!
Send me a private message with your email address and I’ll send you an excel-file with the formula. You just have to fill in the parameters (buy-in, position and number of players) and you’ll know the points you can earn.
Best regards,

Asking for a private email its not a nice thing.

So sorry. Just trying to help, that’s all (edit 09/12/15)

Here you go:
B5 = number of players
B6 = position
B7 = buy-in

Too long, Just say how much you won on each stake.

Too long, you need just know how many tourneys you won . As i know, now need win first 30 games in sit and go hight, so, its enlought to know how many you did already. 6 or 9 no matter, they are askinng first 30 tourney per month.

And i remember when i asked you how can i know how many games i won already and you say - go to the bank and see it… hahahahaha … was impossible, as i played for Asian League too and some other MTTs, just need open email and read all mails from RP ther i won sit and go, takes long time :frowning:

Hi Scratch,
I managed to gather all the points from the 9 seat 5k regular games.
Here they are.

1st… 14,097
2nd… 9,969
3rd… 8,139
4th… 7,049
5th… 6,305

Looking forward to seeing the finished table.
I’m working on the 9 seat 1K Knockout and the 45 seat MT, though that may take a while as I don’t play either of them very often.
All of these are on Low as I don’t have enough chips to venture into the Medium and High stratosphere yet.