SNG-s take way to long, RP timing players out, locked out from acting in turn, RP has known about these issues for long time

I believe replay purposely times players out to prevent them from getting their action in before the timer runs out. I have repeatedly pinged my connection and the delay ALWAYS comes from replay. I am sick and tired of losing hands and losing games because of replays lag. replay has known about the issue for so long now that for them not to have taken any action on it to fix it…it has to be on purpose. When you complain about it all they will tell you is this standard reply: “It appears you selected post and fold” during the game. BS, replay selects it for me without me ever having to click on them. Replay also bets for me sometimes even if I haven’t selected an action yet…in FACT…replay has bet almost my entire stack in a game for me TWICE … AFTER … I selected fold!!! I wonder if it has something to do with their sit n goes taking so long. Time players out to make them lose their chips and get them out faster. A 9 player sit n go should only take 20 to 25, 30 minutes at the most to finish.

Interesting thought Al, I have never experienced what you are describing. Although I have often had my hands folded because I wasn’t paying attention and time ran out. If this is a glitch I am trusting that RP will fix it. I know that playing a 9 player SnG with good players will take longer because the generally don’t play “bingo” and play each hand based on its merit.

Stop playing sit n’ go tourneys. play the real tournaments. + _ +

Good observations WBH : ) I spoke mainly out of frustration because of the lag issues. It is disheartening to watch hand after hand or a game slip away because of the lag issues. It isn’t just me, I have seen it happen to many others.

My thoughts on Sit N Goes taking to long is that the levels are a minute to long. Shaving just one minute off of the levels would speed it up into the time frame I spoke of. I know like you said if you get a bunch of good players in a sit n go it is naturally going to take longer, but that is usually an exception, not the norm in a lot of cases. What I should of said was…a sit n go should AVERAGE 20 to 25, 30 minutes at most. That would account for some of the games lasting longer due to better players being involved. : )

Thank you for your comments WBH :slight_smile:

I took your advice and tried it…same ■■■■■■■■ but worse. I finally had enough…I am now a “former” replay player. I dumped all my chips on purpose

at a ring game table



I can vouch for the timing out and, even more so with the random disconnects. Just got done with an Amer. Dream tourney and it was 2 way action: ( .)

I got disconnected and by the time I could reconnect I lost more than 100k+ of my stack (BB was 10k and here is the one guy left just betting away…anywho…)

Nine seconds to reconnect to the server is a joke and SERIOUSLY needs to be readjusted. A full 15 seconds pause of play is adequate time for a re-log and screen reload, 30 seconds would be optimal.

It is a shame to see long time players like Al dump chips. Yea there are differences between live poke and online poker, lets live with it. I don’t have to wake up “broke” the next morning after playing online. On line is online nothing more or less. The negativity of the forum is one of my biggest “beefs” just wanna play have fun and meet and greet folks. Not to difficult, why can’t we think through our issues and actually come up with solution on how to improve our website? We have an opportunity to play the game we love 24/7 so lets just do it! Why in the world would RP take the time and expense to develop and implement a site with the sole purpose of ripping off players. Doesn’t make sense, the ask for no money, there are no dues. We play for free if we choose, we buy chips if we choose. It is entirely up to the individual, and to top it off they get the “joy” of watching all of their efforts being bashed through the forum on a daily basis, and why… because they want to improve the site. Folks, seriously we need to smell the roses, chill and enjoy the game we all love.


Just to add my two cents regarding the time outs. I’ll copy and paste what I just wrote as a comment on another topic… “It’s most likely due to connection issues, or performance issues on your pc/mac/chromebook. Flash is a resource hog, so that’s why we’re working on an html5 client to replace it, coming later this year.” And to add to that, if you have a slow or weak internet connection or live on the other side of the planet (our servers are located in Washington) then you may experience more problems. Switching to html5 we’re confident will help a lot, it’s just building a real-time poker site as you might imagine is a complex business… if it was easy everyone would be doing it! :stuck_out_tongue: