SNG patterns

Having played enough 9-seat SNG tournaments by now, I’ve noticed a few different patterns that describe how the tournament plays out for me:

  1. I flame out early, with premium cards getting beat by better premium cards, or else a lucky suck-out by someone calling with junk.
  2. I watch a few wild, aggressive betters going all-in on the first few hands, or just betting a large chunk of their stack every hand. I can’t play because of their betting making me too shy to commit to any cards. Eventually they get busted and then I can play. Maybe I’ll luck into a set or a straight and knock them out myself.
  3. I start out hot, with some decent hands, hit top pair on the flop frequently, and win several small pots. At some point, someone else hits a monster and takes me for most of those early gains, or worse.
  4. I get decent starting hands, but someone else always has something better, and I lose about 1/2 to 2/3 of my stack in the first couple of orbits. I hunker down and tighten up, and make a comeback when a great hand finally hits me, and I manage to double or triple up my stack back to health, maybe even taking the chip lead.
  5. I play super tight, and play very few hands, but do well when I am in a hand, winning big pots and avoiding losing chips with weaker hands to hold on to my stack. If I get dealt cards within my tight range often enough, I’ll do well, if not, I’ll starve and bleed out through the blinds once they get too big.
  6. I play super tight, and play very few hands, but never flop into anything good. Suited board that doesn’t match either of my Aces, get QQ vs AA, etc.
  7. I get an early win to a big pot and coast a while, bleed out through a series of hands that don’t go my way but looked promising early. Around the time I’m down to 1700 chips or so, I start getting more aggressive, and bully the other small stacks to steal blinds and pots, and after a few hands of this suddenly I’m in the lead. Then I dial back the aggression and start playing good hands, and if I hit a hot streak, I can run away with it, otherwise I can slog through and take a chip win.
  8. I get ice cold cards, but they hit the flop amazingly well. If only I could have played them… I make straights or flushes like no one’s business, but only with rags that I don’t play. This makes me increasingly frustrated and impatient, and feel like I should open my range, or, really, invert it, and start playing junk. Only if I actually do that, of course that’s not one of the hands that I flop a monster.

I’m curious what patterns other players have noticed with their games.

I also have noticed that the character of the game seems to change around the time the blinds hit 75/150. Around this point in the game, usually 1-2 or sometimes 3 players have been eliminated, and it becomes profitable to open my starting range somewhat, and play a suited face card, rag pairs, or Any Ace.

When the blinds hit about 300, and there are 4-5 players left at the table, it becomes possible to win hands by raising 2BB preflop, expecting no calls. I generally do this only with a hand that I can raise with, but it seems reliable enough that you could probably get away with stealing when you needed to. Especially when there’s chips awarded to the top 3 finishers, players are reluctant to put their tournament life at risk when there’s 4-5 left in the thing.

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Patterns? Seriously?

I’m sorry Puggy, I really tired hard to stay out of this one, but I have to reply, and I know my beloved haters will jump in and contradict me no matter what I say, but I will say what I want to say regardless.

I’m sorry but no, you haven’t. Unless you’ve played at least 50,000 SnG’s, you haven’t played enough to start talking about patterns.

None of the things you described are “patterns”. They are mere situations, they happen to everyone, every now and then, and there are thousands of other situations that can happen to you and anyone else. If a situation happened a few times with you at a 9 seat SnG table, it doesn’t make it a pattern.

“Sometimes I flame out early”, “sometimes I shove and I win”, “sometimes I shove and I lose”, “sometimes I start hot and finish cold”, “sometimes I don’t start at all”, etc… These are not patterns and I’m not even sure what the point of posting them is. It’s like starting a new topic to state that in poker sometimes people get good cards, sometimes they get bad cards, sometimes they play and win, sometimes they play and lose. Just listing situations doesn’t make them patterns, sorry!

Yes, me too! :slight_smile:

I’ve notice some patterns as well. For example, if I sign up to a tourney and I don’t join, I get booted at the end of the 3rd level.

And when I win a tournament, I get the first prize.

And when get busted out before I’m in the money, I don’t win anything.

And when I spill water on something, it gets wet :grin:

Shall I continue? :wink:

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Geez, @Maya.

By “patterns” all I mean is that I’m noticing a similar feel between different games I play, and that they seem to fit one of the above scenarios. I don’t know what else to call them. But I have played enough games that they are starting to feel similar enough to each other that I can group them that way.

I don’t know that I can do anything with this observation, it’s just something I’ve been noticing as I’ve played for the past several months.