Sneeky play!

I was in a tournament $5000 level 4 players left of nine with Ace Nine low on chips one player to challenge plus high chip leader gone form table so I went all in to get player out and chip leaders chips–big blind . so when other player folded chip leader suddenly repapered and went all in with a Ace King. I busted out in forth place. He had been gone from table for several circuits. His Name is Sundraman from Hungary. I think he should be penalized for this type of behavior.

I know when I play I have learned the hard way to watch the position in the betting that I am. This is especially true when trying to go all in. Looks like you bet not thinking if someone else would challenge your bet and got caught. Chances are the other player was temporarily inactive for whatever reason and came back at the right time. He did what I would have done, that’s all part of the game of poker.

Right On Wild Bill,

Some player play in the dark, waiting to catch a play, it’s all part of the game.

There are several players that I know of that you can’t count them as not there. They lay in waiting, and are good at it :slight_smile: