Smoked Turkey for Easter

Hi everyone, I am asking for help. I am going to smoke a turkey for Easter Sunday, & looking for the easiest & best way do do so. I have my initial idea for the brine & rub, but wondered if anyone has one better. I would use a store bought, prepared Cajun injector sauce & creole topping & sea salt as the brine.

Looking for other ideas for Easy Smoked Turkey?

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Thanks @VZo I may try that with my Pit Boss & just change the rub to a Cajun style !!

I don’t smoke turkey anymore but whether smoking or deep frying in the past, I preferred a dry rub to brine. This is just the conclusion I came to, you may see things differently. As for recipes, I surf the web to find a recipe that appeals and adjust it to fit my taste.

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Thanks @VZo & @jsef .

Turned out very well & was blessed with, a Great Easter dinner. :smiley:

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We had turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Might have to change it up for the wife LOL

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