Small blind folds to big blind still gets chips

small blind person folds to big blind

i was in a tourney top of the mountin 2500

the small blind folded to me cause seat was gray but still ended up with the chips then next hand i was kicked out and ballack lost which i would have been 3rd cause i would have folded my hand

Thets about same time when other player report the site may have a glitch. ( Im not sure about thet, and never see before.

Just for my 2cent, “ballack” may grayed out becouse the same reason, “100bills” may grayed out and folded becouse the same reason.

Im sure the tech staff look up this problem in the morning. Regardless, in your tour the outcome cannot be “back-predict”, but Im sure Paul sort this out for the users who involved. Thanks for report and hands.

i had no problems through out the tourney untill that hand 100bills and ballack was doing that all through out tourney keep clicking post away and fold its like they use some kinda code or something

any other information needed be gladly to report

i know tech team and Paul will sort it out

Thanks for reporting. We’ll investigate this and post an update shortly.

ha ha ,yes ballack use morses code , ban him lol

I apologize.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

It was a bug, but it is fixed now.

Thanks for reporting and helping us improve Replay Poker.

your welcome

thank you looking into it and fixing problem