Slowing down showing turn and river when all in

I think it would be a good idea to slow down the showing of the turn and river card when two or more people are all in at or before the flop, like in the old days. Now it’s way too fast and you often can’t see directly who has won. I think a delay of 5 seconds for the turn and 5 seconds for the river is more exciting than it is now.

May bigger numbers on the cards help? win-win :slight_smile: + may slow just after river a bit. but deff not 5 sec. As you asked for ather timings Paul; I think wait for disconnected people to long too (30 sec) Personaly never see ONE player to connect back in thet time. 10 sec inaf, or better not at all !

Regarding the timing of play (not the countdown timer) but the time between different rounds and starting new hands etc… does anyone have any more suggestions for where improvements could be made - either shorter or longer pauses?

Hey Rick. Yeah I agree the speed is too fast at present. We’ll definitely tweak it to slow it down as you’ve suggested. If you can think of any other tweaks to the timings, besides when you’re all-in, be sure to mention those also - and we’ll fix them all in one go. Thanks!