Slow, slow slow

When will the server problems be fixed. The site is so slow it is unbearable.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled site way too slow. since the new site was up for a few the other morning since going back the site is EXTREMELY slow, I t is to a point where I do not want to play ???

Sorry for the frustrating slowness with the site. We are aware of some delays happening between hands while some of the bigger tournaments are running, and we’ve notified our tech team to investigate the issue asap. We’ll do our best to get things back to normal quickly so you can get back to playing.

Cheers, Lesley

Just to add to Lesley, a big apology for the recent slowdown. We only realized there was a problem yesterday evening when it was too late to make any changes. This morning we jumped on it and I’m pleased to say things are looking much better today and appear to be back to normal. Sorry everyone for the inconvenience! We’re really kicking ourselves we didn’t spot there was a problem before yesterday’s April 1st promotion.