Slow Rolling

I have noticed there is an increased tendency (here on RP - you wouldn’t be tolerated for long at a live cash table) for players holding the nuts to slow roll them before scooping a pot.

Why would you not be tolerated for slow playing a strong hand? It’s a legitimate tactic.


actually there is a big difference between slowplaying and slowrolling:

slowplaying is like the opposite of bluffing, you’re acting like youre weak so your opponent will let you pay.
example: you play AK and the board is AAK. you check it and your opponent makes a bet which you “think” about for some time and just call instead of raise. of course you should be doing this vs an opponent and situation which you expect them either bet more or call more lightly afterwards for any reason. in other

slow rolling however means you’re just stalling when you know there is no more action after you act.
example: you play AK and the board holds A92KA. your opponent shoves all-in. now you take your time to “think” about it and obviously you call the all-in

so the difference is that slow playing is a strategy to extract more value out of your opponent and slow rolling means you take a lot of time when you already know what to do and it makes no difference anymore what your opponent thinks you can have. meaning one is strategy and one is stalling


Honestly you have such little time on here that i don’t consider it disrespectful at all. Players should be able to do whatever they want as long as it is within the rules. Anyways a lot of times “obvious” decisions are not so obvious.


Thanks for clarifying on the distinction.

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It is partly due to the fact, I think, that some players just get stressed when somebody shoves for example, look at their hand with disbelief, check if they got the nuts again so they’re sure of it, and then finally call (well only a few seconds later)…
Plus, there are also many players who are new to the game, so they don’t recognize their hand as fast as more experienced players.

Online slow-rollin, especially on replay with no time banks and with less time, is not the same as slow-rolling live…


Yeah, that’s sort of why it took a few seconds to make this call. Mainly, I had to check the hand, which didn’t take long, but I did check, then double check that i was about to click the right button. I have clicked fold when I wanted to click call a few times, didn’t want it to happen here!

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slow rolling is taking time before showing your hand, after all action is complete …especially when you obviously have the best hand

My understanding of slowing-rolling is that it can ONLY occur when you have the nuts and are last to act. Poker courtesy tells us that if you do in fact have the nuts you should show/reveal your winning hand promptly and let play proceed (much like golf - keep it moving).

In live games there are no clocks per se and were a player to call the clock on a player holding the nuts and stalling, the winning hand would hit the felt in seconds. On RP there are immutable time limits and whether you think they are too long or too short, IF you have the nuts and you wait till what you think is the last second (to avoid being folded for lack of action before the player’s clock expires) to call an all-in bet with your nuts, you are slow-rolling.

Slow-rolling (as far as poker etiquette is concerned) is similar to “going south”. Do it more than once and you are likely not to be invited back to your weekend home game. Obviously that is not the case on RP and since there are clocks that can’t be manipulated by players (by taking more time than each player is allotted per hand/round) I really find “slow-rolling” on RP to be curious more than anything else. I was simply relating what I’ve seen here lately. Not often, but just often enough to notice.

Here is what I know for sure, the plays I am referring to I have ONLY seen on RP and that is because it is free (if you like) site to play on. You’d NEVER see what I am talking about on a site like Pokerstars cash games.

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