Slow play, or shove?

i’m still learning this deceptively complex game. all comments from more experienced players (mostly everyone) are very welcome.

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Shoving QQ heads-up is always the right move. He got very lucky making trip 7s.

Let me back up and amend that. It’s never wrong to shove QQ when you’re heads-up, but it depends on how you perceive your opponent’s willingness to call. Sometimes slow play with a strong hand like this is best, but it’s dangerous.

If they call the shove, they can’t back out of it and you’re taking them to the river for a big pile of chips, and you’re likely to win against a wide range of hands.

On the other hand, if they fold, you’re not getting great value from your premium pair.

If you play the hand slower, what’s your game? Are you raising preflop, and then backing down if you see any Ace or King? What if they don’t have and Ace or King, but exploit your caution by repping them, and you lay down the best hand? It’s more likely they call a smaller raise without the A or K, so that’s a very real possibility. If you see the A or K and bet, what then? What if they have it? Now you’re getting called, and they’re taking you for more chips.

If you do have top pair after the flop, now what? You can bet, or you can check-raise, and either way, the opponent has another opportunity to fold and get away without you doubling up. But they also have a chance to make you fold, or to beat you.

A lot depends on the read you have on your opponent, which by this point should be pretty good. If you think they’ll call the shove loose enough, go for it, and don’t have any regrets about the outcome.

If you think they’re only calling with KK AA, then don’t shove here. Either they’ll give you more value for the QQ if you play it out, or they’ll call when they have you beat.

This situation was ideal, A-rag is a terrible call against QQ, but they hit the perfect board and sometimes you just get beat.

The shove was fine, and if you had won, you would probably have won the match. Your only problem was that you were shoving with a slightly smaller stack.

I tend to play small ball in singles until I have the larger stack, and then start shoving Aces and pocket pairs.

Nearly even stacked like in this hand, it’s not a worry shoving slightly smaller. With QQ+, it’s really not a worry. Sometimes you just get beat. No sense in overthinking a hand like this.

Shoving isn’t horrible but HU with 21 bb’s between you and you’re on the button I think min raise is going to be more optimal. When you shove such a strong hand pre flop you are effectively giving up your positional advantage. I like shoving OOP (out of position) vs V’s open, min raise IP (in position) and let him get a pair on a 9 high board that he’s never folding.

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