Skilled donkaments

Would it be too much to ask Replay to create some tournaments with decent structures in order to allow just a tiny bit more playability into the game? Let the players decide if they want to play some tournaments that run a little longer and allow for skilled players to play and work on honing some of the more nuanced skills needed to perform well.


Like the “Deep and Slow” Tournament?

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If the “Deep and Slow” tournament is one that’s already played on Replay and has a slow deep structure, then yeah. I don’t know that tournament though if it’s on Replay.

Many of the Regional Tournaments have varied structured betting. One starts with 5000 chips and is table of 9 with blinds of 100/200 at end of first hour. 1:45 pm Eastern time is the Deep and slow Tourney…


@pokerplayer73 generally a great idea. I have often felt exactly the same way but think the structure fits the majority of players & RP unfortunately. Its one of the reasons Im not really interested in tourneys - the blind structures are too fast from my experience.

I was previously playing on Playstation4 Prominence Poker (free game & Play chips) & the blinds raised very slowly & incrementally. I could easily play a 6 player SnG & get 1st almost every time otherwise 2nd, and occasionally if I had to play & gamble 3rd or bust out. The games easily ran over 30-40 mins or more. I timed many quite a while ago bc the slow raising structure surprised me a lot.

The reason I could score so well was bc the element of luck was low & patience was king.

Many players actually complained bc the blinds did raise so slowly. The game prominence poker was Italian. The blinds did raise very slowly but if you were patient and a decent player getting unlucky or being forced to play bingo wasn’t really an issue.

You could play some great & skilled poker poker on Prominence.

I would love to see a few SnGs & tournaments with much slower blind structures. Call em WSOP games.
Longer Tornaments, Playability: doesnt really benifit RP & sadly not enough demand.
Great idea though & i wish more would support.


I wonder if there is enough of a demand for these types of games here? Turbos are very attractive to a recreational player pool for a number of reasons. Could this site attract large enough fields in better structured games? I have no idea. Some of the Regional MTT’s are decently structured and they get decent fields. The problem is that there aren’t many of them within the regional series’. The buyin is probably a bit low as well and doesn’t interest people with high bankrolls.

I would love to see something like a “Masters/ Mini-Masters Series” created. Something that had a few tourneys a day at 50K-100K, with satellites. Mix them between 6-max and full ring and give them nice structures. Plan them out so that final tables had some play to them instead of being sub 20BB events. I would think there are enough tournament players for these to be successful but I have no way of knowing for sure. I think they could attract some of the ring game players because the structures would be better for players who do well with deeper stacks.

Maybe the site can look into something like this once the HTML conversion is done? Maybe try it out as a promotional event and see if there is enough interest to put it on the menu as a regular item?


@1Warlock I am a ring game player interested in the occasional SnG or MTT with better structure & more “playability” as OP @pokerplayer73 suggests. More skill, patience & less gamble. I even thought of creating a post RE suggestions/recommendations from players a little while ago.

As I mentioned I dont think there is enough demand. Also I feel RP could/should change a lot in the way of marketing & promoting SnGs & MTT events. ATM its all bells & whistles with little technical details to interest me. Gemstone MTT, Astral SnG Leagues - bells & whistles interests & successfully markets well to most players Im sure. It doesnt interest me at all.

The dashboard needs an easily accessible or even on display leader-board for SnGs & MTT type events & various stakes. I think this would in part promote appeal for these games especially for ring game players like myself & give more recognition to players & achievements.

Masters/Mini-Masters Series for some SnGs, MTT & SnGs/MTT with better structures for longer games - better poker & less forced gambling. Great idea & name - scrap WSOP I previously proposed.

Good idea: 6player would create more action than 9 player, even with deeper stacks etc.

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