Sitting out

Interesting points, watcha. However, I don’t really think you can allow users to create tables to their own liking. There are too many different users who’d have too many differing ideas on how to create tables. Paul Gould and I have been discussing this issue in a separate manner for sometime now. What I’ve been stressing to him is that his quality players are probably not the real complainers regarding the Sit Out issue. It’s the lesser players, the ones whom constantly need to have their chips replenished(in one way or another), that are the chronic complainers. I see this at other Poker sites I play at. Plus, I’ve also told him that his quality players are less likely to use “Abusive” language in the Chat Box. So, simply put, no other Poker Sites are having players determine the parameters for their tables. He’s planning on taking a vote concerning the Sit Out times. He will probably suggest a minimum to a maximum time, and see what the players think. I believe that this is about as fair as Replay can be. He realizes that 4 minutes is most likely to short of a time. He may offer times between 4 and 20 minutes, and see what develops. Your point about differing times between “Fast and Regular” tables may not be a bad idea. Anyway, he is consulting with the Replay staff, and something should happen relatively soon.

Out of interest watcha, do you still think all sit out times should be a maximum of 30 secs. If we did have different tables with a short and long sit out time, what would you suggest they be?

Do players generally think it make sense that a fast table where hands tend to be quicker should have a shorter sit out time?

I think player-configurated tables are a great idea, and it was suggested on another topic recently; but as we only have up to about 200 players seated at any one time, is it realistic to think you could create a table with a sit out period that suited you, and still expect enough players to join it to make it a viable option. I imagine it would be kinda of demoralising if you went to the trouble to create a table and then no one joined it. And would these player-configurated tables have a shelf-life, or remain for as long as the player that created it wanted it there. It might mean that the lobby page becomes a lot bigger than it currently is.

I personally don’t see any legitimate reason why a sit out time is granted at all. My personal experience shows that you can get back to a table via the waiting list in a few minutes. Is this really a great deal?

The only legitimate concern in my opinion is that if you have built up a sizeable stack by hard work you don’t want to lose it and fall back to the table’s default buy in limit just because you have to leave the table for a few minutes.

But this can be handled separately: you can keep the players buy in stack intact for even an hour without granting a sit out time of more than a minute.

These are too different issues.

As for the question of user created tables:

I originally was playing chess online and have come accidentally to playing poker at a chess site that offers poker as well. At chess sites it is natural that you can organize tournaments and issue live challenges with absolute freedom in controlling every single aspect of them (the rating of your opponents, the timing of the game, the opening, etc.). If no one joins your tournament you can’t blame anybody - it is your fault. Then you have to join other tournaments which are popular (possibly default tournaments offered by the site).

Also at chess sites unmet live challenges are deleted after a while. Since this is a live gaming site you should remove any user tables that are idle for say an hour from the list. To avoid irresponsible table creation you can introduce some credit requirements (one user can only create one table at a time, or they have to place some deposit when creating a table etc.).

List the default tables first as they are now (but limit them to the really played ones) and under them below a separate heading list the user created tables, like this:


London Bridge Killer Bee Table … … etc.


watcha’s table MrAllIn’s table … … etc.

As in the market prices are not determined by surveys, polling and forum posting but by supply and demand, at a poker site the best parameters for the game are determined by users voting with their feet when sitting at certain tables and avoiding others.

If you have user created tables you can answer any complaints about certain parameters which you encounter in this forum by asking: why don’t you create a table with your desired parameters and see if anyone joins you?

With default tables listed on the top you have nothing to lose: users that have got used to them and like them will still be happy to play at them as they do now, at the same time ones that are not satisfied may experiment with their own solutions.

If you see that certain user created tables are viable you can include them in the list of default tables. At the same time you can remove unpopular tables from the default list thereby maintaining a list dinamically updated according to you customers’ needs.

OK, watcha, I just read your latest ideas. All I can really say is that I know of no other Poker Websites that have User created tables. And, this does not really settle the issue of Sit Out times. You have to have reasonable Sit Out times, no matter whether a Fast or Regular table. Your plans just complicate Replay’s site more than necessary. I know that Paul Gould is planning on setting up a voting procedure to see what the players here think in terms of Sitting Out times. This seems to me to be about the fairest representation of what the players here really want, and is the simplest solution available. In fact, I no of no other Poker Sites that have taken any polls similar to this. If Replay didn’t have this ridiculously short Sit Out time, none of this would even be necessary. So, hang in there and see what develops. It should all happen relatively soon.

The reason i think 3-5 mins is enough. There is a difference between sitting out and taking a break.

The sit out option is to catch a drink, pick up the phone, short visit bathroom, stop the dryer, let the dog in, and so on. Things you can do in a few mins.

If you want to do other things what takes more time you must take a break and come back when you are done with it.

If you increase the sit out time players gonna take a shower or go to the store, hoping they are back in time. If not, they drop out automatically in 10-20 mins. Really not enjoyable for other players.

I have never said that sit out times should go hand in hand with playing speed. I said that you can have low and high sit out time tables in the same way you have fast and slow tables. The table properties are independent of each other so you can have low and high sit out time versions of every current table (no matter whether slow or fast).

Being too complicated or not doing the job may be valid arguments against user created tables.

But other sites not having them in and out of itself is not an argument.

If this was a valid argument you should condemn the site for running a poll on sit out times since it is not done by other sites…

i hate it when they sit during an Sng tourney

Max time for sit out , 5 mins is plenty…

I will say this only once more. The only reason a poll is necessary here is because of the short Sit Out time. I have(as I have already stated)played at at least 15 other Play Money Poker Sites. NONE of them have the ridiculously short Sit Out time that this one has. No is suggesting enough time to go take a shower, etc. My original idea was around 10 minutes. That the players know how much time they have, and if they don’t get back to their seats in time, they are removed from the table. Condemning the site for a poll is utter nonsense, watcha. Your resistance to this makes me wonder how much experience you have with other Play Money sites? Any arguments for the current type of Sit Out time shows a lack of what real Sit Out times are for. If you don’t appreciate the poll that is coming, then just don’t vote. The bottom line is that there is going to be a poll, no matter whether any one likes it or not.

My opinion is that the current time is too short … Why ? Because we have lot of empty table

…Why should I be kicked out if I have to do something for a few min. …someone want to play?! …open new table and wait, be patient, for sure few people will sit for a few minutes

To happiness and spgodog. This site has the shortest Sit Out time of any I have ever played at. Simply put, the time is much to short. Apparently, several of you must not have much experience with other Sites. You can read my trend of thought throughout this issue. Losing my seat due to such a short Sit Out time is very aggravating to me. It’s such an issue that Paul Gould has decided to take a poll to see what ALL the players think about this Sit Out time issue. Yes, I’m sure other Poker Sites haven’t had to take polls. That’s because they ALL have reasonable Sit Out times. As I just commented to watcha, if you don’t appreciate the coming poll, then just don’t vote. It is coming and it is necessary.,

I respect your opinion, hope you respect mine and the opinions of others. Even if it is another than yours.

ofc I respect the current situation :wink:

It was OK when the time was long and it’s OK now. So, what about Omaha 8???

What do you think of my Ferris Wheel??? It’s the 1st one ever made for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago “The White City”.

I thought it was a wheel of ur pet … hamster :slight_smile:

Everybody have opinion even and … you know :slight_smile: , but good thing from this site is that they try to be a diferent

I need a bigger picture. That’s it RP should allow bigger pictures!!

Happiness, I tried to answer your comment about opinions earler. However, when it took me to log in, it didn’t finish and I finally gave up., So, I’ll try once more. I respect everyone’s opinion. I have made mine very clear. If the poll shows that a majority of player’s prefer a short Sit Out time, then I will have to consider whether I want to remain here or leave. The current Sit Out time is to short for me. If it is not updated some, then I probably will leave. I hope that that doesn’t happen, and that a majority of players prefer a longer time, at least to some degree. Finally, I am reminding you all that this is the shortest Sit Out times I have ever encountered at any Poker Site. I believe that it is out of touch with what a genuine Sit Out time should be. However, I will accept whatever a poll may show. I hope you all will do the same. Respectfully.

B17, first I really like your Ferris Wheel. I also like sarkozi’s joke about it. Now, two things. #1: This is not the place to discuss Omaha 8, as much as I like to play that. #2: To get a bigger picture at a table when you play, go to the upper right corner of the page. Next to the “X”, on the left, is the “Maximize/Minimize” buttons. Hit that with your cursor, and you should be able to increase the size of your playing table. When a table is first opened, it is at it’s smallest size. Go hit the button I just explained to you and the table should get larger. Now, am I wasting my time? Do you want a bigger Ferris Wheel? I don’t know what to tell you about that. It looks like the pictures here are all the same size. I hope I may have helped you.