Sitting out

now u have the new waiting list up and running to join the tables can i suggest that you can put a time limit on people sitting out as most the time it take ages to get a seat at the tables 2 play please just an idea 2 keep players happy

There is a limit for sit out. It is 6 mins.

so after me or people sit out for that time then the just get unseated after that time i see txs

I agree fully: people sitting out should be removed from the table immediately. With the waiting list implemented they can rejoin in an orderly way if this is what they want to. If they just abandon the table and never look back they should not take the opportunity away from other players to join.

That means you have to leave the table if you go to the kitchen for a drink, open the door to let your cat in, pick up the phone, and so on.

If you are away for a few sec. you have to leave the table. And you lose your seat when you are to late for action (your computer can be slow for a moment) and you sit out automatically.

I dont think that is right!!

Connection may be a legitimate issue but does not justify 6 minutes (max 30 secs). You lose your ongoing hand on connection after 10 secs anyway.

If two or three people go to the kitchen at a table with 6 players it changes the dynamics of the game from a ring game to a short handed game. With others being on the waiting list this frustration could be avoided.

My experience is that waiting lists are not to long and you can get back in within a few minutes. On the other hand in most of the cases people just abandon the table, never look back and lose their seat anyway.

Happiness is right the current sit out time is set to 6 mins. We can easily reduce this if people consider this too long. I think it needs to be a few minutes, for example to answer the door or boil the kettle; but now we have the waiting list perhaps it doesn’t need to be 6 mins; perhaps as a start it could be 4 minutes instead, 33% less than now?

Removing the sit out ability is not an option, but reduce it to 3 or 4 mins is better

than keeping the 6 mins. Just my opinion.

Okay, we’ve halved the time from 6 minutes to 3 minutes. Let us know in the coming days, if this ‘feels’ better. Thanks!

You could cut moderator timeout time to 30 seconds.

I signed up today for a SnG hid the game in the task bar thinking it would pop up when ready and I was even checking ever so often to make sure I wasn’t supposed to be there!! Well, the tourney went with me sitting out not meaning to, I don’t register for a tourney and sit out!! Was just in a tourney and 2 people sat out the whole tournament, but I want to apologize to all the people that were at the table earlier when I was sitting out that it was not intentional!!! I will know from the moment forward if I have to sit there an hour for the table to fill, I will be in my seat when time comes!!! It was not intentional and I am very sorry!!! Please accept my apology!!!

Unfortunately, it’s technically not possible to bring a browser window to pop-up like you suggested. You should however get a ‘ping’ noise when the tournament starts to give you some warning. We’re working on a new version of the game client and as long as you’re viewing the website you’ll be better alerted when a tourney starts. Also the new version will hopefully encourage more players to play in S&Gs and so they’ll be less chance you’ll have to wait and go do something else in the meantime. That’s everything we can do.

that ping noise stuck my whole PC for the moment :frowning: ,

Are you trolling again!!!

We’ve increased the sit out time from 3 to 4 mins, we think this is a fair balance between those that want it shorter, and those that want it longer.

I have played at over 15 different Play Money Websites. The “Sit Out” time here is the shortest I have ever encountered. I don’t think that there should be an indefinite Sitting Out period, but I think that 4 minutes is much to short. I believe there should be a time of around 10 minutes. If a player doesn’t get back to their seat in time, then they should be removed. Every Website has the “Waiting List” options. Playing here, I have been removed from a table while just trying to go to the bathroom. While getting a cup of coffee. Anyone familiar with Real Poker knows that players are allowed decent Sitting Out times. I notice here that there seem to be just a few complainers. This Website may have lost players due to their short Sit Out time. The Site might want to consider adding more Ring Games to their list, to allow for more players to play at any one time. However, I’ll bet that most quality players would prefer a longer Sitting Out time than 4 minutes. I would say the shortest I’ve ever played at has been at least 15 minutes, making this almost ridiculous. I welcome any feedback.

my biggest peeve is ppl sitting out of tournaments as long as they want and then rejoining

I didn’t suggest that players be allowed to sit out indefinitely in any type of format. I said that I think that 10 minutes could easily be long enough to let someone sit out. If they didn’t come back to their seat in that time, then they should be removed from the table. Yes, we are not playing in a professional manner. The rules that apply in that manner cannot be implemented in our Play Money Ring games. Tournament players would know up front that they cannot Sit Out indefinitely. I’m suggesting a minimum for tournaments, maybe just a bit longer than regular Ring games. Still, I am saying that there should be some type of consistent system for Sitting Out. The only consideration I would make regarding tournaments is that sometimes the play is so long that there would need to be a reasonable time to sit out for refreshment or a limited amount of rest. And, again, that the Sitting Out times are presented upon the start of a tournament. Does this make any sense to jonmike777?. I welcome your feedback.

Thanks for the feedback SBzing444, we can’t seem to please everyone on this. Perhaps we just need to have a simple poll across the site and ask people what they’re preferred sit-out time would be, say, between 4 and 20 mins. I’ll discuss it with the team.

You may consider having tables with both low and high sit out times (in the same way as you have fast and slow tables).

However it should be noted that these kind of issues all boil down to the question of user created tables.

Give the freedom to users to create tables with parameters of their own liking and these issues will disappear at once. At the same time this kind of freedom would give added value to your users and increase the site’s popularity.