Sitting out, stack size hidden

Today I noticed that when a player is sitting out, their stack is hidden, so you have no idea what they have.

I think this is just wrong for tournaments, it is important that everyone’s stack size is visible.

Roll over the words “Sitting Out” and the number appears.

Or check the lobby.

If you move your mouse pointer over their avatar you will see how big their stack is.

Good to know, but why is it hidden at all? It should be visible at all times.

Hi Puggywug,

we recently edited this which was alternating from Sitting Out to stack size. Players did not like the ‘flashing’ style. As above, in order to see the players chip stack you can hover over their nameplate.



Chase, thanks for the explanation. Blinking is not desirable. But I still think it would be better to have a second line of text so that the information doesn’t have to compete for the same space, and you can read the stack size without having to mouse over.