Sitting out on ticket games

I recently played my first ticket game and at one time 7 of the 9 players were sitting out, is there an advantage to sitting out in ticket games?

i don’t think that sitting out is a move, maybe the torunament started a lot of time after their registration and they didn’t remember the tournament? Yes 7 on 9 is a lot. I saw someone do it when he had a monster stack (but i play SnGs)… Is not a strategy because you fold automatically, AA too.

I’ve seen this often in freerolls. A lot of people register then I assume forget about it.

Since it a free ticket most players register, take a seat, leave, go grey, don’t have to play and hope they cash before they are bounced out.

Seen it too many times and it pisses me off.

okay…just wondering, 2 different mindsets and I bet both are correct-thanks

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