Sitout (away) player shouldn't win a hand!

Sitout (away) player shouldn’t win a hand !!

Yes, if they are not at the table to raise or call the hand should be folded and not allow RP to play the hand for them, especially at the final all-in hand.

Just to remiiiiiind .

sarkozi is right!!! A very smart guy no matter what everyone else is saying.

who said something!?!!

‘‘who’’ cant be. he/she log in about 2-3 years ago.

Damn, here is always some kind of mystery , and I live in the dark. X(

! by d way marci ;comm.pow.supp. on the main page of Replay not refreshing ! !

P.S. I do not see that this - main problem , in progress :stuck_out_tongue:

Its do. :slight_smile: just only ideas show not problems or other things. :slight_smile: so all good :slight_smile:

What is Replay’s opinion on this topic!

pending :))

How long does pending last!

God knows. You try ask in the local church. ( Sorry I cant do it myself as in my area all church converted to pub )

Does “pending” mean RP has no opinion at this time and waiting to have an opinion. Or RP has an opinion but to busy solving all sarkozi’s many problems.

no no, this not my problems, it’s the replay problems or faults

Just to remind, RP should not be able to help a player turn over his cards if he is sitting out and just fold the missing players hand at the point of showing.

I must agree with the players who hides behind the name nonotme. You(staff) have done nothing in connection with this.

agree with thet one.

Replay is working on it. But dont forget the sitting out player has payed his buy-in for the tour. To fold every hand is allowed.

But i agree that the dealer always has to fold his hands (when the player is sitting out)

But when ur running out of time you go on sitting out on this site. When you only had to check you can come back and play the hand further. And we dont want to fold the hand in that case automatically.

So be patient, they are working on it:)

Do you see nono!? D’not tease :stuck_out_tongue: