SitNGo froze, and I am out 10 K in chips

Played a sitNgo at appoximately 7:30 am CST against an opponent (Sunnydee I believe was the screen name). We both were unable to play due the game freezing and then having as many as 8 cards dealt to us, only with the game to remain frozen. I had a chip lead at the time of the freeze, yet my account now shows 10K less chips. At the very least my buy in for that tourney should be refunded.

Hi EzE32,

Very sorry for the trouble during this tournament. We encountered an unexpected issue Monday morning and a few of the tournaments froze up. I’ve just refunded the 10K buy-in to your account, so you’ll see those chips added to your balance.

Good luck at the tables and please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Cheers, Lesley

Still waiting for my 1000 chips for game 423120 . got froze out wayne1

Thanks for your patience Wayne1, all S&Gs now refunded. They were the last thing to fix.