Site registration is glitching

Over in the lobby, SNG tables are failing to update, showing incomplete tables where in fact the table is actually full and in process. Try to register, it says registrations are closed, while there are several open slots showing. But visit the lobby on its own page, you can see the table is full and the game is in progress.

Players are also failing to get notified that the table is full and play is underway, leading to the first several minutes being short-handed, with 7-8 absent players as they gradually realize something is up with the lobby and refresh, discover the game is in progress and fill their seats. This is ruining the early blinds and first several orbits as empty seats are giving up free blinds to whoever has the wherewithal to steal them.

Hi @Puggywug,

I have noticed this as well in a tournament I played earlier. I have sent a message to Support so I’m sure that Staff will be able to get things running smoothly again soon.


The servers have had a problem all weekend.

Yeah - gave up playing tournaments for the most part this weekend. The lobbies are constantly changing - one minute telling you to register when you already have and the next telling you they are preparing your seat, while you are seated and bleeding blinds. At least in rings, when you click on table it will either be there or not. The numbers in the lobby mean nothing. Tables that are supposed to be full are empty and vice versa. Quite an adventure trying to navigate this site this weekend, lol. I’m sure it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

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I was playing a SnG i’d signed up for when the window popped up saying my table was ready. I pulled up the dashboard to see if i needed to play two at once. It only listed the one i was currently playing, so I thought nothing more about it until later i noticed I had been pegged with 0 tourney points for a game i knew nothing about, or for all i know, ever existed.
Since the 21st game, which was suppose to be my 20th was a win, it helped my best 20, but probably cost me a spot or two on the first 20 board.

Same thing happened with one of the bankroll tournaments which i had only glanced at and considered for a second. A check of the lobby reveled my name wasn’t there, and I thought…What a powerful mind I must have, to only think about playing, and I start getting messages…


I was refunded for the two games I missed out on, and the email I received said that they were going to do something about the promotional leaderboards, so hopefully they’ll sort everything out for everyone.

thanks for the info, Pug. I don’t remember details, except clicking on stuff a lot, trying to get it to work. I was having one of those days that you speak of sometimes. couldn’t beleive i was getting pounded while holding what i considered solid hands. Then i started looking at their hole cards. I’m a glass half full kind of guy, but i couldn’t see hope in the unsuited disconnecters they were making hands from. and not just hands, or lack of, if they had somehow managed to acquire a stack, kiss building a draw hand goodbye. (I do the same,but with hands I need to protect, not the hope of another runner runner straight like I kept running into) I managed to time things right, and eliminate someone here and there, but it was mostly playing defense, waiting for a made hand you could work with. Weekends at Replay, I guess. At least in some of the lower stakes games I was playing.

We had a partial server outage on Sunday, which did affect several tournaments, though not all of them. If there is one where things weren’t working right for you, please write to us at so we can look into that. If you can provide the tournament number, that would be a huge help. Thanks!